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Bucket: "Thanks for rescuing the haul of fish from the Scauldrons. There were a lot of fish! I just finished separating the juvies -- the young, juvenile fish -- from the adults. We can keep the adults, but we need to set the juvies free. Can you help Fishlegs save the little fish? I think I saw him at the Berk docks."

1- Talk to Fishlegs at Berk

Fishlegs icon

Fishlegs: "I'm glad you're here to help out, [your viking's name]!

These poor little fish need to be back in the ocean at once. There's a little saltwater in the bucket but it won't last long. Click on me and follow me, and we'll take that bucket to the sea!"

2- Click on Fishlegs and follow him to the beach

Fishlegs icon

Fishlegs: "Be free, fish! Swim fast and strong!

Thanks for saving these young fish! It's important to catch adults rather than juveniles, in order to mantain a healthy ecosystem. If we catch juveniles before they have time to mature into adults and spawn more fish, we'll have fewer and fewer fish in Berk seas, and eventually eliminate the population altogether.

Fish is a major source of food for both humans and dragons here, so you can see how that would be a major problem!

We keep catching the juvie fish even though we don't want them. I wonder if there's a way to change that. Can you talk to the Botanist about a possible solution to our problem?"

3- Talk to the Botanist

Phlegma icon

Phlegma: "You helped our fishers with the young fish? Good job.

We need to leave our surroundings intact. We haven't always taken the best care of them. When we first arrived on the island, there was a vibrant forest at the Lookout. Unfortunately, we harvested the trees, including the saplings... and now, that forest is gone forever. We can't let that happen again.

Our current fishing nets have very small holes to catch all sorts of fish. Unfortunately, this means that we catch a lot of mini young fish. We need to weave a fishnet with bigger holes; that way, when the juvies get caught they can simply swim out!

I've asked Skulder the Archaeologist if he could spare some of his rope, and he's graciously agreed to give some from his latest dig site. Will you go to Dragon's Edge and talk to him?"

4- Talk to the Archaeologist at Dragon's Edge

Archaeologist icon

Archaeologist: "Hi [your Viking's name]! It's great to see you out here. It's a bit further away from the School, but I had to go all the way back to Mudraker Island to get the rope! I hope it works for your needs."

Item: 1 Rope

Archaeologist icon

Archaeologist: "When Phlegma explained the situation to me, I knew I had to help as much as I could. I've seen firsthand the effect we Vikings can have on the environment that we live in. When I excavate these ruins, I often find evidence that the people who lived there changed their land forever to suit their needs.

They would kill predators near their lands, ruining the balance of the food chain. I can tell that these Vikings have forever changed the shape of these islands over the years!

Ah! I'm rambling. I shouldn't keep you further. I hope you can make a new net from the rope. Off you go, then, back to the Botanist!"

5- Give the rope to the Botanist

Phlegma icon

Phlegma: "This is exactly what I needed. Give me one moment, and..."

Item: 1 Upgraded Fishnet

Phlegma icon

Phlegma: "The mesh of this fishnet should allow juvie fish to swim on through. Give this fishnet to Mulch. He's or master fisher, so if it meets his approval we can upgrade the entire Berk fishing fleet!"

6- Give the net to Mulch

Mulch icon

Mulch: "Thanks, lad/lassie! This fishnet looks amazing. I'm sure it'll do the job and give the young fish some time to grow up and spawn!

You see, we couldn't live on Berk without the support of the land, the sea, and all the creatures that live within it. We need to make sure to treat the fish with respect so that we can continue to rely on them for food for generations to come!"

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