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Flight Club or Flight School is one of the oldest Minigames available in the game, existing every since its very beginning, the Minigame itself was build with the intention of helping players learn how to fly and glide with a Dragon as well as another method of leveling your Dragon's level. It was once located in The School like Fireball Frenzy and Thunder Run Racing before being moved to Training Grounds in v1.9.0, October 15th, 2014.

While the player technically needs at the least a Lvl. 5 Dragon to use in Active Dragon Mode, Maximum Viking Power! is the quest that introduces the Minigame. The purpose of Flight Club is to go through an obstacle course (either filled with hoops or targets) and/or collecting flags with the optional sheep as fast as possible.


Flight Club can be accessed in Training Grounds by entering through the door or from the Viking Menu under Minigames, do beware as Speed Stingers are prohibited from entering Flight Club due to their inability to fly. If the player accessed Flight Club for the first time, the player will get a Flight Club Tutorial. Upon entering, the player will be given a menu with two modes:

Fc modes

It's worth noting the overall Dragon's flight speed is different from the overworld but is the same for Thunder Run Racing, one could say Flight Club helps players prepare for the Racing's flight speed changes.


Pickable are main source of getting points, they're often used in multiple levels, specially in Glide Mode. In spite of all having the same score (100 Points), these have two kinds of Pickables:


Fclub collect flag

The most common pickable of all, Flags server as the main source of points in most of the levels, they have a rather wide hitbox built to safe the player from having hitbox troubles during their flying test. Each level has a set of flags that player is required to collect, the lower the amount of flags they collect, the more their score will drastically decrease and affect the Grade.

Bonus SheepEdit

Fclub collect sheep

The Bonus Sheep however has a much smaller hitbox and it's often located in rather tricky locations where players need to either tightly dive or turn. Not every level as it though when it does, due to the sheep being small and occasionally blend in despite the yellow glow, players are often prone to either miss it or ignore it completely as risking their run through the level for an extra 100 Points can be considered as unworth it by some.

This mechanism is exclusively available in both Flight Mode and Hero Mode.

Fclub collect ring

Rings are a second method of earning points in Flight Club, they're introduced in Swoop Loops (Flight Mode) and just like the Checkpoints in Thunder Run Racing, the player has to fly through them in order to earn its points. As the player progresses, some of the ring placements will start to fall favorable to some species and unfavorable to others, take for example The Twister, dragons with a slower and dragging Turn Rate can fall victims to constant crashing and lose of control due to how tightly the rings are placed.

Fclub collect target

Targets are the third method of earning points in Flight Club, they're introduced in Bank and Burn (Flight Mode) and much like the targets at the Training Grounds, the player has to shoot down the targets in order to earn its points. Before the Battle Event Update, firing all the targets would often be a challenge due to the recharge time; nowadays, the difficulty of shooting all the targets depend on the Dragon's Cooldown, Range and Nº of Shots, if th Dragon has a slower Cooldown, shorter Range, and/or low Nº of Shots, then firing all the Targets may become a challenge since the Targets were build for the old Firing mechanism, therefore the placement of the Targets do not depend on the Dragon's stats

Fclub powerup mystery box
Fc powerups

There's a total of 3 Power-ups for the player to collect and use them in the levels, they can be found in the Qeustion Mark Crates that appear in the levels, with the Speed boost being available at both the store for 5 Gems icon trans (4 Gems icon trans for Members) and in Mystery Power-Up boxes from Old Wrinkly's Cauldron.

Speed BoostEdit

The Speed Boost fucntions in the exact same way as Thunder Run Racing's Speed Boost, for a total of 4 seconds, the Dragon's speed will be multiplied by 1.1 (for example, a Monstrous Nightmare's Max. Speed increases from 7.5 to 8.2). While the concept along sounds excellent and aidful to the player, it's advised to only use the power-up in a straight line as steering while under influence of the power-up is more difficult and prone to crashing or lose control of your dragon entirely.

Extra TimeEdit

The Extra Time will stops the main clock and give you 5 extra seconds simultaneously, it has a similiar fucntion to the Extra Time in Fireball Frenzy, though instead of locking you still, it lets you keep on going. It's useful to make up for the time you've potentially lost when trying to get on track or the aftermatch of a crash.


The Magnet does exactly what a magnet does, it attrachs Pickups from afar for a total of 10 seconds, it's useful to get the Bonus Sheep which that along is prone to be ignored or missed by most of the players.


Fclub complete

Upon finishing a Lesson, the player will get a result screen which includes your Score, Time it took you to beat, Pickups gotten, Gold icon trans and Dragon Bonding XP received, and the Grade, the Grade is what allows you to unlock the next level as well as necessary for Flight Club Achievements, there's 5 Grades all dependant of your performance.

Grade Information
Grade a+ You were able to collect all Pickups (or enough to achieve such) and finish under a quick time. A+ gives you a total of 11 Gold icon trans and 13 Dragon Bonding XP, the max Flight Club can give per level.
Grade a- You unfortunately didn't collect enough Pickups and/or finish in a quick time. You can still unlock the next level with this Grade but you'll have to redo it in order to achieve the A+ Achievements.
Grade b+ Your performance needs to be improved a bit as you most likely missed a good amount of Pickups and/or took too long to complete the level, though the game will still give you pity and unlock the next level.
Grade b- You either missed too many Pickups or took a tad too long to complete the level, this time the game won't be so pitiful on you by not unlocking the next level.
Grade c You either didn't picked any Pickups, were passively flying to the finish flag without any rush or didn't completed the level in time, anyways, the game won't unlock the next level unless you try harder to get at the least a B+.

The scoring system is what determines your Grade, though the equation for the score depends on what the level consists in:

  • If the level doesn't have collectables then [time left in seconds] * 10, the "time left in seconds" is a natural number for example, 1.5s = 10 Points. The only level here this rule applies is the first level of Glide Mode;
  • If there are collectables then score = ([time left] * 10) + ([collectables gotten] * 100), this time the 1.5s means 15 Points and the both the Sheep, Flag, Target and Ring are 100 Points.


Flight Club is home to hoards of Achievements, it's the Minigame with the most Achievements available for the player to complete.

Achieve trophy Learn to Fly Complete 1 Flight Club Lesson.
Achieve trophy Top of the Class Earn an A+ on 1 Flight Club lesson.
Achieve trophy Meatlug's Friend Earn A+ on 3 Gronckle Lessons.
Achieve trophy Tunnel Flyer Earn A+ on 3 Whispering Death Lessons.
Achieve trophy Toothless and Friends Earn A+ on 5 Night Fury Lessons.
Achieve bronze The Rules of Flight Club Complete 10 different Flight Club lessons.
Achieve silver Complete 15 different Flight Club lessons.
Achieve gold Complete 20 different Flight Club lessons.
Achieve trophy Complete 25 different Flight Club lessons.
Achieve bronze Steady Dragon Rider Earn an A+ on 5 Flight Club lessons.
Achieve silver Earn an A+ on 15 Flight Club lessons.
Achieve gold Earn an A+ on 20 Flight Club lessons.
Achieve trophy Earn an A+ on 25 Flight Club lessons.


  • In the Basic Levels of both Flight and Glide Mode, if the player either flies up to it or uses the Debug Camera to look inside the School's Caldera, players will see the old School map from 2013-2014 Era.
Fclub hidden map


  • 1.01, 18/7/13: Fixed teen tutorials not appearing, adjusted payouts for A+ grades rewarding correctly, balanced Flight Club levels;
  • 2.0, 8/8/13: 5 new adult levels, GUI alignment fixes in Flight Club, Flight Club balancing, reduced firing cooldown, countdown added, fixed bug of Toothless starting too early;
  • 3.0, 29/8/13: Introduced Meatlug, glide mode is now available for adults;
  • 3.1, 2/9/13: Fixed star not appearing in Flight Club;
  • 4.0, 12/9/13: Fixed Flight Club score, fixed achievement star in FC, fixed player being unable to launch 2nd new dragon class level in FC after completing the 1st, fixed player being automatically mounted on their dragon when exiting FC, fixed dragon pictures showing up in FC, fixed bug with the star in FC if you left and came back, fixed bug that happened in FC if player didn’t have a dragon, balanced pass on all FC levels, added 5 Dragon Class levels to Toohless;
  • 4.1, 13/9/2013: Fixed name inconstancies in hero dragon levels;
  • 4.2, 27/9/2013: Added Dragon Class levels to Barf and Belch and Thornado, patched a hole in one of Meatlug's levels, fixed rings randomly not working in various Flight Club levels, fixed level name inconsistencies in Flight Club, updated Hero Dragon tips;
  • 5.0, 10/10/2013: Introduced Stormfly, fixed FC flow to get people into flying with Hero Dragons quicker, fixed bug with Thornado shooting downwards when no target is present, fixed issue of star not unlocking for some players;
  • 5.4, 20/11/2013: Introduced Stokehead, added more tutorials into Hero Dragons;
  • 5.5, 21/11/13: Fixed improper count appearing in the Unified result Screen under Rings and Pick Ups for the FC levels 3, 10 & 14 and for the 2nd Dragon class level of Stokehead;
  • 5.8, 12/12/13: Handling tweaks made on Stokehead Dragon Class Levels, fixed issues with the fog particles in the Barf & Belch Dragon class Levels;
  • 6.0, 13/2/2014: Hookfang is now free, fixed mobile FC controls, fixed mobile Barf and Belch levels, balanced and added more time to Groundsplitter's 3rd level, adjusted FC scores, fixed gas particles in mobile, fixed lag in Toothless Dragon Class levels, fixed Whispering Death's fireball not firing once try to quit and hit no and come back to game, Flags/Pickup/Rings UI disappears on pausing and un-pausing any level in FC;
  • 6.1, 11/4/2014: Added better FC tutorial, fixed Groundsplitter Dragon Class levels in mobile, fixed FPS in Scary Swamp Soar and Danger Sector, fixed issue with Unlocked level in teen mode, gets locked if player completes any unlocked level in adult mode, fixed joystick appearing in completion screens.
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