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Due to our SoD Administration Team being overall consisted in women, gathering pictures of the Male Counterpart can be rather difficult as SoD doesn't have an option to change gender. With that said, if you have a Male Viking and have the following Flight Suits:
  • Shieldmaiden
  • Jungle Shieldmaiden
  • Skyrunner
  • Target Flight Suit
  • Toothless Homecoming Armor

It would be greatly appreciated to have a helping hand in gathering them. Flight Suit pictures do have their Standards which must be respected as we wish to demonstrate the items in questions in the clearest way possible, the following Standards (who will soon be written on the How to Contribute page) are:

  • The Dragon Image Standards such as MMO off, Clan and Viking name turned off, must be in PNG, ect. all apply here, to find said Standards, visit the How to Contribute/Dragon pages standards;
  • Respect the Gallery Module that has been given. Samples of the said Gallery Module can be found in Shieldmaiden Flight Suit and Forge Wing Suit's Gallery, use them as a guide - down below is a more in-depth information about the Gallery Module:
    • General View: 3 clear shots of the player wearing the Flight Suit in a default position and in a profile, front and back view;
    • Detail Close-ups: Some Flight Suits such as the Skullcrusher Flight Suit and Forge Wing Suit are filled with detailed accessories and clothing pieces as well as membranes with different shapes or additional fins, to which close-ups are required - to gather said close-ups, it's adviced to either hug the wall and manueuver the camera or use the debug camera;
    • Flight Pictures: Just like dragons, Flight pictures are used to demonstrate the Flight Suit in question being used in action, the camera angles used for these pictures differ depending on the action, Diving wih the camera behind the player won't capture as well as having the camera on top;
  • It's recommended to use a smaller dragon to avoid getting their wings in the way of the picture, though having bits of the dragon's wing in the picture as long as it's not covering the Viking is accepted as not every player is able to buy a Night Terror or buy and Titan a Terrible Terror.

The Flight Suit is a special suit that can either be unlocked with Membership, bought in the store, received through redeem codes or glitched. It was added on June 6th, 2014 as a part of the v7.1 update.

It is the only type of clothing that lets you glide anywhere without having to ride a dragon. However, there are places that the player is restricted from gliding, listed below:

There have been several gltiches, one of which would make the leather that connects the arms to the legs disappear.

Since v2.7.0, the dragon will always follow you around when gliding.

Current released Flight SuitsEdit

Store/Rewarded Flight SuitEdit

Rewarded via Redeem CodeEdit

How to UseEdit

The Flight Suit works similar to how it does in the movie; you need to fly with your dragon to a certain altitude, where a Flight Suit button will appear on screen, and from there, you can either click the button or press E to use the Flight Suit. Note that if you aren't actively wearing the Flight Suit, it will take a while to load it.

When using the Flight Suit, the player will leave the dragon and start gliding close to it, regaining control of their Viking. If you are at a low altitude, you can always remount the dragon to regain altitude. If the player has more than one Flight Suit, the Flight Suit that will be used is the last used, received or bought Flight Suit. For example, if the last suit that was used is a Jungle Shieldmaiden Flight Suit, the game will use said suit. However, you can select which suit you want the game to use by heading to the Customize Viking menu within your Viking menu.

It should be noted that you can glide without the dragon. By wearing the Flight Suit and jumping from a high altitude, the icon to use the Flight Suit will then appear and from there you can click it or press E to glide.

How to control while glidingEdit

The Flight Suit can throw a player off guard as the controls are very different from the general controls.

Up arrow or W and Down arrow or S are now Brake and Dive respectively. In order to gain speed, the player has to dive to gain extra speed - however, this decreases the player's altitude at the same time. The dragon's speed and acceleration can also give a head start when gliding, though the player will almost immediately lose said boost.

When braking, the player is able to glide and slide in a straight line for a short period of time before the player start losing altitude in a very gradual manner. This allows the player to properly land, and they will then have the option to remove the Flight Suit on the spot without the usage of the Adventurer's Journal. However, after a few seconds, the icon will disappear (though it will always appear whenever the player lands.)

When gliding, the dragon will play the animation it was left on, for example, if you left it when it was gliding, the dragon will always play the gliding animation when the player is gliding. If the player lands when braking or when turning while braking, this can glitch the dragon into landing while playing the respective animation, though it can be quickly fixed by mounting the dragon or by walking away from it.

Since the Flight Suit can be used without the dragon, the Flight Suit can be used to reach places that cannot be normally reached without a dragon. When wearing the Flight Suit, the Flight Suit will replace all equipped clothing except for the mask and the shoulder pads. If the player changes any piece of clothing while wearing the Flight Suit, it will automatically remove the Flight Suit.


Flights 11

The result of triggering the Flight Suit while doing the "glitching out" glitch on the Stormcutter

  • While male Vikings have the Flight Suit's Mask (Shieldmaiden, Jungle Shieldmaiden, Skyrunner and Target Flight Suit respectively), for unknown reasons, female Vikings do not have the listed Flight Suit's Mask.
  • Funnily enough, if the player does the "Side-Gliding returns in glitching out" Stormcutter Glitch and triggers the Flight Suit, the Stormcutter will stay glitched until the Side-Gliding animation ends or the player reaches the floor/returns to the dragon.
  • If the player stands right in the middle of the Wilderness' Geyser with the Flight Suit on, it will grant the access to glide in place without the help of the dragon.
Player gliding on geyser

Player gliding in place because of the Geyser


Fixed GlitchesEdit

  • While the dragon does follows you around, in most of the cases, it will be stuck in place while in flight animation or gliding;
    • As for v2.7.0, this glitch has been fixed.
  • If the player is somewhat near the ground (or half way through), the dragon will keep jumping from landing on the ground to keep following the player.
    • This has been fixed.
  • If the box to return to the stables appears and clicks on it immediately after triggering the Flight Suit, the player will be in an horizontal position with the flight suit open and, it will be in a loop between using the flight suit and the walking animation.
    • This has been fixed as there's no longer said box.
  • If Non-members drag the Member-Exclusive Shieldmaiden Flight Suit to the Flight Suit slot, players can bypass the paywall and use it.

On-going GlitchesEdit

  • A common glitch that occasionally happens is when the Flight Suit isn't properly loaded in and will instead display a Flight Suit-less Viking gliding with stretched pieces of the Flight Suit's wrists coming from the Viking's wrists.
  • As for v3.1.0, for unknown reasons, players can now glide in Flight Club.
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