Added in v3.1.0, the Dragon Armor or Flight Armor is a special type of Flight Suit as it's the first Battle piece in a Flight Suit format. This means wearing the Flight Suit in Dragon Tactics will increase the respective stats indicated in its attributes. The store-only Flight Armors are currently the most costly type of Flight Suit with a price 1,500 Gems icon trans (1,200 Gems icon trans for members), 250 Gems higher than an Expansion.

Other "free" Dragon Armors are rewarded from an expansion: Hobgobbler Dragon Armor from the Curse of the Hobgobbler expansion (1,250 Gems icon trans); or special events: Flightmare Dragon Armor from the Dreadfall Event.

Hiccup's Dragon Armor was released along with the v3.1.0 - Fuse Update in June 11th, 2019, and Astrid's Dragon Armor was released with the Titan Crimson Guregutter update in July 2nd, 2019. Snotlout was released in 18th of June, 2019. In 20th of June, 2019, Ruffnut's Dragon Armor was released and a week later (27th of June, 2019), Tuffnut's Dragon Armor was released. Fishlegs' Dragon Armor was the last one released, on 24th September 2019.

The Hobgobbler Dragon Armor is rewarded by completing Curse of the Hobgobbler expansion, it's rewarded during The Way of the Hob quest and [needs to be confirmed] unlike the Riders' Dragon Armor, there's gender differences. The Flightmare Dragon Armor was released in October 2019 as part of the Dreadfall Event, being the second-last prize awarded at 12500 Candy.

Currently, all Dragon Armors are a Tier 1 Rare, at the moment, their stats are unknown. Because of their fixed stats, Dragon Armor is the first Battle Equipment to have a neutral element instead of a fixed element such as Frozen (Ice) or Inrense (Focus).

Coming from How to Train your Dragon: The Hidden World, all the Riders' Dragon Armor have the exact look from the movie and are generally more extravagant and variable than a normal Flight Suit, with all Dragon Armors using worn out scales of the respective Dragons the Riders trained and the Hobgobbler Dragon Armor using worn out scales of the Hobgobblers. The Dragon Armors also take a close appearance to the respective dragons as well, with some being very exaggerated (Snotlout's Dragon Armor and Hobgobbler Dragon Armor).


Dragon Rider's Dragon ArmorEdit

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