The dragons' water bowls are freezing overnight, and Hiccup needs a solution.

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Hiccup: "Berk is a cold place most of the year, and the school is no different. What's worse is that our dragons' water bowls are freezing overnight. We need to find a way to lower the freezing temperature of water. Go see Heather by The Lab."

1- Meet Heather by The Lab

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Heather: "Let's get to the bottom of this freezing dragon water problem right away!

Sometimes we can change the freezing point of liquids by adding other substances. I bet we can get sand and salt from Stoick and Gobber in berk, and sugar from the Botanist at the school."

2- Collect sand from Stoick Bucket

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Bucket: "All this sand was lying on the beach, almost as if no one wanted it. You can have this much!"

3- Collect salt from Gobber

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Gobber: "I have tons of salt ready, in case I need to throw it over my shoulder for good luck."

4- Collect sugar from Phlegma

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Phlegma: "Here's some sugar for you, 'sugar'!"

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Heather: "Perfect, [your Viking's name]! Now we can try things out and find a solution!

We need to get the sand, salt and sugar to the dragon trainers. They can put some into the water bowls to test if it will keep the water from freezing. Take the items you just collected and deliver them to Fishlegs, Astrid and Snotlout."

5- Give the sand to Fishlegs

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Fishlegs: "This should be very interesting! I'm so excited to try it out and write down the results! Personally, I think that the sand will just sink to the bottom."

6- Give the salt to Astrid at the School

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Astrid: "This will taste like ocean water to Stormfly. Still, the ocean rarely freezes, so this may work! Thanks! "

7- Give the sugar to Snotlout

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Snotlout: "Sugar? Blah. That is too sweet. I like sour things, like a real manly Viking. I guess it's worth a shot if Hookfang's water doesn't freeze again."

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Heather: "Now, we have to have an important thing everyone needs for scientific discovery: patience. We need to give it some time to see if it works!"

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Hiccup: "Since it's so cold, I need to make fire to keep warm at night. I don't want to waste Toothless's time either. Can you go to the Wilderness and collect six logs for me?"

8- Chop wood for Hiccup's fire (6)

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Hiccup: "That's great!

Bring those logs back to me so I can get this fire started."

9- Take the wood to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "These have some potential. Thanks! You stay warm out there.

You should go see how the water turned out. Go talk to Astrid, Snotlout and Fishlegs."

10- Meet Fishlegs at the school

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Fishlegs: "Meatlug's water was still frozen in the morning. She melted the sand and made some pretty cool fireballs, though. I'm so happy she got to show off her skills."

11- Meet Astrid at the school

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Astrid: "Stormfly's water bowl didn't freeze. The salt did the trick! It lowered the freezing temperature of water. Stormfly didn't want to drink too much of the salty water, though."

12- Meet Snotlout

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Snotlout: "Oh come on! You really didn't think that by sweetening the water with sugar that it would lower the freezing point, did you? Hookfang just got really hyper! He's spewing fire all over the place!"

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Hiccup: "Well, at least Astrid is happy! Now we know that when we need to lower the freezing temperature of water, we just need to add salt to it. Thanks for your help!"

Note: as of March, 9th 2017 this quest hasn't been updated and it asks you to talk to Stoick. Even if it tries to send you to school to talk to some characters, they aren't there.

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