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Ruffnut: "Great news, [your Viking's name]! Once Dagur claimed himself the baddest, craziest Vikings in and outside the archipelago it was easy as pie to prank old Snotty. That was some mushroom I must admit; one bite and he went a nice shade of vomit green.

You don't want to miss this! Snotlout should still be at the mushroom patch by the trees int he Wilderness. Why don't you sneak over and take a peak?"

1- Head to the mushroom patch in the Wilderness and check on Snotlout

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Snotlout: "What in Thor's name took you so long? I ate one small stupid mushroom and now I feel like a pair of pants after a weeklong dragon flight.

The twins told me that these mushrooms would make me stronger than the Berserkers of yore, if I was strong enough to take them. Of course I'm strong enough, but something went wrong! My tombstone's going to read: 'Here lies the archipelago's most handsome dragon rider. Loved by all, poisoned by two stupid Nuts.'

Stop that, Snotlout! You're a Jorgenson and a Jorgenson never quits ever if death is staring him in his well-chiseled face. Fishlegs and Phlegma are around here somewhere for some kind of plant census thing. Tell old Fishy I need one of his remedies right now and I don't care if he has to boil every prized leaf he's been hoarding."

2- Tell Fishlegs about Snotlout getting poisoned

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Fishlegs: "Oh, this is terrible even by the twins' standards! Certain mushrooms like the 'death cap' and 'destroying angel' are toxic, which means that they contain poisonous natural chemicals. They look exactly like some edible non-poisonous mushrooms, so people often get poisoned by accident! Anyone who eats a poisonous mushroom needs immediate attention to reserve the effect.

Fortunately, Phlegma and I are elbows deep in our flora census so we can prepare an antidote. We'll need the seeds of milk thistles, a torny purple-flowered plant that grows in sunny spots high up on the cliff. Could you gather three flowers while I track down Phlegma?"

3- Get 3 milk thistles flowers

Item milk thistle flowers

Milk Thistle Flowers

Phlegma icon

Phlegma: "[your Viking's name], can you hear me? I rushed back to base camp as soon as I heard about poor Snotlout. Hurry back down and bring me the milk thistles flowers."

4- Give the 3 milk thistle flowers to Phlegma

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Phlegma: "Milk thistle seeds can stay dominant for a long time, which means that they're alive but not growing. To help their seeds, the parent plants protect their core (or kernel) with a protective cover called a seed coat."

Item received: 1 Seeds of the Milk Thistle Plant

Item seeds of the milk thistle plant

Seeds of the Milk Thistle Plant

Phlegma icon

Phlegma: "There's not a moment to lose! We just need the seeds for our antidote, and we can seperate them from their coat with the pestle. Click on the mortar and pestle to crush the seed coat."

5- Click on the mortar and pestle to drop in the seeds and crush them

Phlegma icon

Phlegma: "Good work.

I'll need you to bring Snotlout here while I finish the antidote. By now, poor Snotlout might be showing signs of mushroom poioning like nausea, giddiness, sweating or problems with vision. Make sure you avoid things that'll hurt his sensitive stomach.

So, click on Snotlout and lead him here. May the gods help you if the diarrhea had already started!"

6- Bring Snotlout to Phlegma

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Phlegma: "Your quick thinking might save his life, young Viking."

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Snotlout: "'Might'? I'm Snotlout and I'm not dying today. Give me that antidote now so I can take care of the twins and on my honor as a Viking, I'll never eat a mushroom again."

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Phlegma: "Calm down and drink up, Snotlout. Both Vikings and Dragons mistake good mushrooms for bad and it's something we should take care of. Young Viking, can you destroy the mushroom patch before more harm is done?"

7- Shoot the mushroom patch to destroy it

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Phlegma: "Thanks to you, the Wilderness will be safe for a good while."

Snotlout icon

Snotlout: "I owe you one, [your Viking's name]. I'll have my revenge on those twins once I recover, I swear! Right now, I'm thiking: Terrible Terrors in their closet and Fireworms in their helmets. You in?"


Step 6 tells the player to bring Snotlout to Phlegma but, for unknown reasons, Phlegma will disappear from the location and never return. Due to Phlegma's lack of presence, step 6 is impossible to be solved because the game wants you to meet up with her when she's nowhere to be found.

Solution: Due to the glitch not being quite common, it's hard to encounter the solution for this glitch. It's recommended to either:
Gb spot

The trigger spot

  • Get hit and proceed, in hopes that the next step will be triggered.
  • If the former doesn't work, move your Viking to the spot shown in the picture.

A very minor one: whenever the player gets close to the Floral Census, the dragon will pick up nothing and bring to the player.

Going berserker bringing nothing

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