Gothi's House is a semi-quest exclusive location who appears in 4 quests (starting with Sky High and ending with The Great'nut Debate). The house is located on top of the main mountain in Isle of Berk.

Ways to AccessEdit

  • Flying upward in Berk (quest exclusive)

Gothi's HouseEdit

Gothis house 1

The fog surrounding the houe

While Gothi's House can be reached normally, in special quests, it becomes foggy and, if you fly high enough, you'll teleport to the house in high skies.

Gothis house 3

Player riding a Groncicle in Gothi's House highed up in the sky, surrounded by clouds

The "ground" is only clouds with a few sea stacks and mountains (cannot be reached) sticking out. Most of the quests want you to land on Gothi's House's roof, look at the clouds and remember their shape.

While the sea stacks and mountains can't be reached, the clouds can be touched.

Gothis house 2

A specific type of cloud in the high sky

During the quests, the player can enter and leave said exclusive area but, after ending the quest, the exclusive location will be gone and, the player can go to Gothi's House without the high sky part.

A dangerous drough (5)

Birds can be seen flying in the sky


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