Not many Vikings can boast wounding a night fury! Hiccup, for one...

And me, for the rest.

  — Grimmel [src]  

Grimmel is the main villain in the the third movie of the franchise, How to train your Dragon: The Hidden World, and he is introduced in game in the expansion The Hidden World.

The expansion happens at the same time of the facts in the movie, so the dragon riders have already met Grimmel when the expansion starts, and Berkians moved to New Berk following Grimmel's attacks.

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Grimmel is a dragon hunter mercenary, called by the Warlords to help them in their battle against Berk, with the goal of adquiring all the dragons that berkians are protecting. However, Grimmel is only interested in hunting Night Furies, and he is the reason why Toothless is the last one of his species.

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Instead of directly riding a dragon, Grimmel use a contraption that flies with the help of 4 Deathgrippers. It looks like a cage, that hungs from 4 axes, the extremes of which are connected to a Deathgripper with means of an harness.

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