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Dagur: "We need to figure out why the Triple Stryke acted so aggressively. I can´t bear the idea of something like this happening to Sleuther. If anyone hurt my baby I'd take my axe and I'd...

Astrid trained Sleuther with nadder spines while blind so I'm sure her intuition about the Triple Stryke will be useful. Could you ask her?"

1- See if Astrid has any ideas

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Astrid: "Dagur is right and surprisingly on point today. That Triple Stryke reacted to the clicking sounds but when we got close, it all went wrong.

Something stuck in my mind about how that dragon was acting. The only time I've ever come across a dragon this unstable was when all our dragons were infested by those awful Grimora. I wonder if the Triple Stryke is infested by them...

Fishlegs has been researching those parasites so he'll know if they're back. Can you ask him if he agrees with my theory?"

2- Tell Fishlegs about the Grimora theory

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Fishlegs: "That idea had occurred to me, too! The Grimora are worm-like parasites with tiny wings and sharp teeth that latch onto passing dragons. Once they latch on, the crawl under a dragon's scales and inject a toxin that drives a good dragon mad. They're relentless, and we know only one of their weaknesses: salt.

Lucky for us, they're quite rare and only live in freshwater biomes such as ponds, lakes, streams, rivers and wetlands!"

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Tuffnut: "Yo Fishlegs, my man! Did you just say 'Grimora'? I see you've been to Hobblegrunt Island, too. Ruffnut and I think that they might be living in those weird patches of water that just popped up. We're keeping Barf and belch away, but Ruffnut thinks we might be able to get them to feed on me. I can't wait!"

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Fishlegs: "Wait, you saw Grimora at Hobblegrunt Island? What ecosystem could they have found on that island since there are no freshwater lakes? Well, whatever the answer, this is huge news. We need to tell Hiccup right away!"

3- Talk to Hiccup about the Grimora

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Hiccup: "Oh no... If there are Grimora behind this, we'll need to get buckets of salt water ready at the Edge in case the Triple Stryke comes back.

We have to consider that island to be extremely dangerous. We can't let our dragons get infested ever again.

Still, we can't leave it alone. If the Grimora are this close to Dragon's Edge, all of our dragons could be at risk. Let's go to Hobblegrunt Island and look for these pools that the twins found. Stay close to your dragon, guys."

4- Find the strange pool of water on Hobblegrunt Island

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Hiccup: "Watch out, [your Viking's name]! Don't let [your dragon's name] touch that water!

We found the Grimora! That Triple Stryke must have gotten too close to the pond and gotten infected. I don't know how Stormheart is involved, but it looks like it might have been an accident.

We need to figure out a way to keep our dragons from making the same mistake without destroying this ecosystem. Come to think of it, I don't even know how this pond got here; it wasn't here last week. Can you ask Fishlegs if he knows how this pond arrived?"

5- Ask Fishlegs about the best solution

Vernal pool

A Vernal Pool

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Fishlegs: "Of course, this wasn't here before. It's a vernal pool! Vernal pools are temporary pools of water that usually form in the spring and dry up by summer. While they're full, they function as a habitat for plants, amphibians (like salamanders), and reptiles (such as turtles).

These creatures migrate to vernal pools because they are isolated sources of water. The young ones can grow strong here without the threat of predators.

This little microcosm of life won't last more than a few months. The Grimora rely on their habitat, like all animals, so they'll have to move on once the vernal pool dries up. This means nature will take care of the problem in the long run, so we just need to find a short term solution!"

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Ruffnut: "Allow me to interrupt, esteemed Vikings. The 'Nuts have been preparing for just this occasion. Tuffnut is currently working feverishly to finish painting signs we can place around the vernal pool. Wild dragons will come by, see the sign, and stay away!"

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Astrid: "Ruffnut. Dragons can't read..."

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Hiccup: "Wait Astrid. Ruffnut, that's not a bad idea! That will warn dragon riders away from the Grimora, at least. [Your Viking's name], can you talk to Ruffnut and find out where you can get these signs?"

6- Talk to Ruffnut and find the secret Thorston Gallery

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Ruffnut: "My brother's currently at the Thorston Gallery. That's where genius occurs every week (as long as Tuff and I aren't busy fighting Dragon Hunters -- or each other).

I'll tell you, and only you, the location of our creative oasis. It's at Zippleback Island; look for it right next to the scuplture of giant rocks!"

7- Go to Zippleback Island and look for the Thorston Gallery

Thorston gallery

The Thorston gallery

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Tuffnut: "Welcome, my friend! my keen artistic mind sensed you were coming... It didn't tell me your visit today, though. Sorry for the mess.

Let me show you some of our finest pieces! I'm sure you've already noticed Giant Rock Pile, a Ruffnut original. Watch your step around the Deluxe Chicken Suite and you'll find the signs in the back, each numbered and signed by the artist."

8- Gather the two 'Keep Out' signs

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Tuffnut: "Aren't they wonderful? They're intimidating yet obvious.

Treat the signs like members of your own family. Hurry; take them to the vernal pool on Hobblegrunt Island. If I think about it much longer I might regret my decision. Go!"

9- Return to the vernal pool at Hobblegrunt Island

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Hiccup: "Welcome back! I hope Tuffnut's 'artistic side' didn't scare you too much.

We dug some dirt mounds on either side of the vernal pool that'll hold the signs. You just need to click the close mound of dirt."

10- Click on the nearby dirt mound to place a sign

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Hiccup: "You know, that sign doesn't look half bad."

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Dagur: "Whoo! Digging these mounds really eased the tension in my shoulders. Take it from me: sweating really cools out the anger. Click on the dirt mound by me!"

11- Click on the other dirt mount to place the sign

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Dagur: "I love it!

Little flying worm parasites like the Grimora aren't my thing, but you know what? They're exactly Heather's style. Ha! I love my weird little sister. Let's talk to her at the School together!"

12- Talk to Heather at the School

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Heather: "[Your Viking's name] and Dagur! What a pleasant surprise, unlike some Grimora we know. Who would have thought Hobblegrunt Island would become so dangerous overnight? Hiccup and I have been talking about what we can do. I hope we can find something."

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