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Heather: "We need to figure out if the Triple Stryke is really infested with Grimora venom or it's something entirely new this time. Luckily, we can use a new invention, the microscope, to examine her saliva for toxins. I left the lens in my saddle bag on Windshear. Can you find her and click on her to retrieve it?"

1- Click on Windshear at the School to search her saddlebags

Item: 1 Thick Lens

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!: "Is this the right lens? You should show it to Hiccup and see what he thinks."

2- Show Hiccup the lens

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Hiccup: "That lens is very thick so it should work perfectly in the microscope! A lens is a curved piece of glass that bends the light that passes through it. If we bend light in the right way, it'll spread a tiny image into something big enough to see.

Not only that: we are going to use two lenses to magnify the image even further! The 'eyepiece lens' at the top will magnify the image from the 'objective lens' at the bottom, increasing the image size four hundred times.

If the Triple Stryke is truly infested with Grimora venom, we'd be able to see it! The toxin would show up in the saliva sample because the toxin particles would spread throughout the Triple Stryke's whole body. You see, everything in the world is composed of tiny bits of matter called particles.

Everything, even air, is made out of particles. Whenever [your Dragon's name] is flying, their wing push down against hundreds of tiny particles in the air! Particles are made up of smaller units called molecules and atoms, but we can get into those later.

We'll be able to tell once and for all if the Triple Stryke is truly afflicted with Grimora venom by using the microscope. Good luck! Can you go to the Clubhouse at Dragon's Edge?"

3- Go to the Clubhouse at Dragon's Edge

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!: "You should give the lens to Heather."

4- Give Heather the lens

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Heather: "Thank you so much! Now that we have the last piece we can really see what's going on. All living things (birds, insects, even dragons) are made out of millions and millions of cells. These tiny units hold information that is necessary to keep an organism alive, and different types of cells are designed to do different things.

Skin cells keep outside particles from getting inside, bone cells hold us up, and saliva cells produce saliva to help break food down. Grimora toxin particles will look vastly different from saliva cells, so we'll be able to spot them easily.

There, it's ready! The Triple Stryke's saliva should be completely clear and colorless, while any Grimora toxi cells should stick out like a Monstrous Nightmare at a Terrible Terror party. Click on the miscroscope and examine the saliva sample!"

5- Click on the microscope and examine the saliva
Triple stryke saliva sample

The active toxin cells in the Triple Stryke's saliva

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Heather: "Look! The vicious toxic cells are dark green. That's definitely what we're looking for... but how can they still be moving? Don't the Grimora need to be attached to the dragon to keep her poisoned?"

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Fishlegs: "Oh no! I have a theory, but we'll need to do some research to test my hypothesis. [Your Viking's name], take this!"

Item: 1 Fishlegs's Specimen

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Fishlegs: "I took this venom sample from the skin of a dragon that was attacked by the Grimora. Don't worry, it's inactive! Could you click on the microscope and tell me what you see? "

6- Click on the microscope
Fishlegs' specimen

Inactive toxin cells in Fishlegs' sample

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Heather: "The toxin is no longer active in your sample! My hypothesis is that dragon skin cells can repel the strength of the toxin and keep it put. However, if the toxin is introduced into the dragon in another way (introduced in a gaseous form, perhaps), it is able to live and thrive much longer."

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Fishlegs: "Gosh, Heather! That sounds really terrifying. If it's Grimora venom, we can still use salt to neutralize it. We'll need to figure out a way to deliver it into the blood stream and keep her still while we do it. Can you ask Hiccup if he has any ideas? "

7- Tell Hiccup  about Stormheart's poison

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Hiccup: "Ah! I have just the thing."

Item: 1 Dragon Blade Canister

Item Dragon Blade Canister

Item Dragon Blade Canister

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Hiccup: "I use the Dragon Blade primarily as a fire sword, but it's more versatile than you might think! We can load up one of the canisters with Flightmare gas and blast the Triple Stryke with it. That'll paralyze her for a few moments!

We'll need to gather some materials. Can you go to the Flightmare nest in Scuttleclaw Island and chop off some of the frozen Flightmare gas? We can melt it later to fill the canister."

8- Chop the Flightmare ice at Scuttleclaw Island (2)

Item Flightmare Ice

Flightmare Ice

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Heather: "Great! I can get the Flightmare ice to Hiccup. Can you come down here and give the things to me?"

9- Give the ice and the Dragon Blade canister to Heather

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Heather: "That's fantastic! it won't take long to get this canister ready. (It's a fascinating process but also really volatile! We need to do this in The Lab.)

In all my studies of venoms and toxins, I've never come across anything like what we discovered under that microscope. Now that Stormheart has weaponized the dangerous toxin, it can wreak endless havoc.

We need to destroy it. Every. Last. Drop. Will you help us? Please find Astrid when you're ready."

10- Talk to Astrid at Dragon's Edge

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Astrid: "[Your Viking's name], we'll stop this toxin at the source and teach her never to mess with dragons again. Are you with me?"

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