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Ruffnut: "Have you had a chance to explore this island yet? My brother and I have already explored every nook and cranny of Berk, and we're just getting started on the School of Dragons. There are totally cool things here to find, if you just know where to look! I just found this amazing place this morning. Talk to my brother and you'll know what I mean!"

1- Talk to Tuffnut

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Tuffnut: "Did Tuffnut say she found it? Because I totally did.

[A Starfish appears]

Hehe, doesn't this thing look cool? It's a starfish, or otherwise known as a sea star! It's a creature that lives in the sea. This one has 5 arms, but I've seen one with up to 40 arms. It can regenerate new arms if it is attacked by a predator!

I bet my sister didn't know that! Ask her if she knew!"

2- Mention starfish to Ruffnut

Item Starfish


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Ruffnut: "Tuffnut has another think coming if he thinks he knows more that me about starfish and tide pools.

Starfish can be found living up to 20,000 feet below the surface or close to the surface in tide pools. I found the starfish in the rocky pools along the shore. These pools appear suring low tide, when the tide goes out and lowers the water level.

These tide pools are just teeming with all kinds of sea life but you can't always visit them! During high tide when the tide comes back in, these pools get completely submerged by the higher water level.

There are so many weird creatures here. I love it!

There's a unique ecosystem that lives in tide pools. The waves go in and out and supply the tide pool animals with food. Starfish, anemones, seaweed, and sea urchins live in tide pools.

Tide pool diagram

It's not just fish and creepy crawlers in there. Plants live in tide pools too! Grab that seaweed, [Your Viking's Name]"

3- Find the seaweed in the tide pool

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Tuffnut: "Maybe [Your Dragon's Name] would like this as much as dragon nip. Wouldn't that be a hoot, if we were able to find something new about dragons before Hiccup?

Well, we won't know if we don't try! Feed [Your Dragon's Name] this seaweed."

Seaweed in the feed menu

The seaweed in the Feeding Menu

4- Click on your dragon and give seaweed

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Tuffnut: "That didn't work out but [Your Dragon's Name] is a good sport! When Snotlout tried to feed Hookfang seaweed, it didn't go very well. Hookfang lit up into flames! Snotlout had to jump into the tide pool to cool off.

I had alot of fun hanging out with you at the tide pool, [Your Viking's Name]! Let's do it again sometime."

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