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Harald Forkbeard: "The Dragon Hunters and I have had some business in the past, so they'll let me into their camp unhindered. If you wear a disguise, I can take you in with me. I'll distract them and you can free the dragons. If we hurry, they won't be harmed.

Luckily for us, I happen to have an extra set of Dragon Hunter armor with my supplies. It's yours!"

1- Talk to Harald

[item: 1 Disguise Shoulders, 1 Disguise Vest, 1 Disguise Pants]

Heart of darkness (1)

Harald Forkbeard icon

Harald Forkbeard: "This job isn't for the faint of heart. It will be just you and me, in the heart of darkness. The Dragon Hunters know the faces of all the dragon riders, so they can't come along.

We can't take your dragon either, unless you want precious [your dragon's name] to be taken right from your hands."

! icon

!: "Discuss the dangers of this plan with Hiccup."

2- Talk to Hiccup

Hiccup icon

Hiccup: "I don't like it but he's right. They've seen us in action too many times, but you might be able to sneak in without detection.

I don't want to choose for you, [your Viking's name], since it's so dangerous. If you decide to do it, we'll all fly cover for you just outside of the Dragon Hunter's range. We'll be as close as we possibly can to help out if thing go wrong."

[item: 1 Disguise Helm]

Harald Forkbeard icon

Harald Forkbeard: "'Things go wrong'? You don't trust me? I'm wounded, Hiccup.

I understand if you can't trust me enough to follow me into enemy territory. But, if you can somehow gather the courage to do what must be done, put the Dragon Hunter clothes on and step on my ship. We'll go when you're ready."

3- Step onto Harald's boat to go to the Dragon Hunter camp

Harald Forkbeard icon

Harald Forkbeard: "We've arrived.

Don't make any quick movements, don't rouse suspicion, and for the love of Thor, please don't--"

Dragon hunter icon

Dragon hunter: "Is that Forkbeard I see? You must be the bravest Viking--or dumbest--to show your face here again."

! icon

!: "You should try to go deeper into the cave while Harald distracts the Dragon Hunters."

4- Sneak past the guards into the camp

Dragon hunter icon

Dragon hunter: "You've sold us some dangerous dragons, Forkbeard. We can't rouse the catastrophic Quaken at all or it will tear this place apart. We paid you too much!"

Harald Forkbeard icon

Harald Forkbeard: "But you lot are the mighty Dragon Hunters! There's no way a dragon could best you if you put your mind to it."

! icon

!: "That lying sneak sold the dragons to the Dragon Hunters! Keep going, act casual."

5- Enter the camp

Dragon hunter icon

Dragon hunter: "Hey you! Wait a minute... aren't you a little short to be a Dragon Hunter?

Well, go check if the Catastrophic Quaken is still sleeping and give it more Dragon Root if it isn't. Hurry up!"

! icon

!: "That was close! Keep going, but stay out of sight; this is getting dangerous."

6- Explore and stay out of sight

! icon

!: "What is that strange object inside that cage? Get a closer look"

7- Check out the strange object

! icon

!: "That object was at Hobblegrunt Island... what is it doing here? What is it?

Well, the cage won't open; it isn't going anywhere.

There's no time to waste. Keep looking for the Catastrophic Quaken."

8- Find the Catastrophic Quaken

! icon

!: "The cage seems to be locked from the outside, but it's a simple latch. You can click it to open it."

9- Click on the cage door

! icon

!: "The Dragon Hunters are keeping the Catastrophic Quaken subdued with Dragon Root arrows. You should take them out of the Quaken."

10- Pull the arrows out of the Catastrophic Quaken

[animation of the Quaken causing havoc in the camp, and breaking free through a rocky wall]

! icon

!: "Whoa! Now that the Catastrophic Quaken is free, you need to find the Armorwing ad free him."

11- Find the Armorwing and free him

! icon

!: "The Dragon Hunters are coming! You need to get out of here. Click/Tap on the Armorwing to get a quick ride out!"

[animation of you riding the Armorwing out of the cave - you are teleported to Dragon's Edge]

12- Grab onto the Armorwing

Hiccup icon

Hiccup: "You made it out! I was worried for you.

It looks like this little guy is pretty fond of you!"

[Congratulation screen for training the Armorwing - customization screen for the dragon]

Heart of darkness (10)

Hiccup icon

Hiccup: "Thank you for saving those dragons, [your Viking's name]. You put yourself at great risk to do it, and I'm incredibly proud of you!"


The mysterious object in step 7 will reappear in the expansions Return to Dragon Island and The Secret of Leviathan


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