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Bucket: "Thanks for your help with the Boneknapper but I'm afraid the dragon is still howling at night. All of Berk is having trouble sleeping through the noise. I can't even sleep when I wear my pajama bucket!

Can you go to the caves below Berk and figure out why the dragon is there? Hiccup said he will meet you by the Boneknapper."

1- Enter the caves to find the Boneknapper

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Hiccup: "I think I figured out why the Boneknapper is here. Look! It's her baby! I think the Boneknapper created a nest. Don't get too close or the monster might get upset.

The baby Boneknapper looks upset. In my experience, wild dragons tend to be very protective and aggressive when the baby dragon is not well. Let's use the scientific method to figure out what could be wrong with the dragon. We'll start with some research.

We don't know what will make the baby Boneknapper happy. Why don't we ask some Vikings for help? The Botanist was interested in the Boneknapper, so maybe she'll have some advice."

2- Meet the Botanist

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Phlegma: "Wild animals sometimes get malrounished because they can't find enough to eat in the wild. Maybe the Boneknapper baby is hungry? I would give the baby some food."

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Hiccup: "Can you get 2 chicken eggs and give it to me so we can test the Botanist's hypothesis? You can get them in your farm or buy them from the store."

3- Bring Hiccup 2 eggs

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Hiccup: "Perfect!

Give the baby Boneknapper the eggs. Let's see if that makes it happy!"

4- Give eggs to the baby Boneknapper and observe

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Hiccup: "Hmm. It was a good theory, but it looks like Phlegma's hypothesis was not true.

back to the drawing board! Bucket was interested in learning about the Boneknapper's fate, too. Go back to Berk and ask him what he thinks we should do."

5- Ask Bucket for his hypothesis

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Bucket: "I bet the Boneknapper baby would be just fine if it had a bucket. Buckets solve more problems than you might think! Here, you can have this one. It's the smallest one I've got."

Item: 1 Bucket

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Hiccup: "Bucket's hypothesis is... interesting! But hey, we'll try it. Come back to me and we'll give the baby dragon the bucket."

6- Return to Hiccup with the bucket

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Hiccup: "Let's see what happens if you give the baby the bucket!"

7- Give the baby Boneknapper the bucket

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Hiccup: "That's odd. The baby put the bucket on its head. Wait! I wonder if Bucket is on the right track. The Boneknapper baby placed the bucket on its head on its own.

We know that Boneknappers protect themselves by wearing an armor of bones, like a sort of exoskeleton. This baby tried to protect its head! Do you think that it's missing a bone piece? Let's search the cave for a bone that could fit its head."

8- Look in the caves for a piece of bone to match the Boneknapper

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Hiccup: "That just might do the trick!

Bring the bone piece to the baby. Maybe it will work!"

9- Give the bone piece to the baby Boneknapper

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Hiccup: "Wow, that fits perfectly! Great find!

It looks like the Boneknapper and her baby are pleased with you, [your Viking's name]. The last Boneknapper to visit Berk didn't stay for very long, so I think these dragons will leave soon too. It looks like we solved the problem and there won't be any more howling! Can you return to Bucket and tel him the good news?"

10- Return to Bucket with the good news

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Bucket: "Thank goodness Berk can finally get some sleep. Hiccup is a really smart chieftain. You've both done great work!"

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