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Gobber: "[Your Viking's name]! Have you seen Hiccup?
No? You need to find him and tell him to come back! His pile of scrolls to sign is getting taller than Bucket. We'll have a big problem when it tips over."

1- Visit the Training Grounds to look for Hiccup

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Astrid: "No, Hiccup isn't here. I've been looking for him, too. I wanted to bounce some ideas off him for new training techniques, but he's nowhere on this island!

I'm sure he's off looking for dragons at Icestorm Island
Let's go there and find him."

2- Go Back to Icestorm Island

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Astrid: "We'll have a better chance of finding Hiccup if we split up and search the island. I'm sure we'll meet him in no time. You head out towards the west!"

3- Look for clues to Hiccup's whereabouts

[Item found: Tail Fin]

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!: "Uh oh. This is the tail fin that Hiccup made for Toothless!

What if Hiccup is in trouble? Look for him!"

4- Look for Hiccup at Icestorm Island

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Hiccup: "Boy, am I glad to see you here. Toothless and I lost track of time. We were out in this snowstorm for much too long, and Toothless'ssic tail fin froze over. We tried to use it to fly... then snap!

It fell off, and Toothless can't get out of here without it. I'll need your help to get off this rock.

Oh! Is that the tail fin, [your Viking's name]?"

5- Give the tail fin to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "Oh man. We lost a bit of the metal pieces that hold it together. I can't get Toothless flying with this.

We just have to get some replacement rivets from Gobber. Will you fly back to Berk and ask him to make me some? Ask him for the specifications I made. I don't want any of his special improvements!"

6- Talk to Gobber at the Hatchery

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Gobber: "Hiccup needs some help to fix the tail fin? Great! I've been working on a few improvements. He might not think he wants them, but I guarantee he'll be pleased with my changes!

[Item got: 3 Screws]

Give that to Hiccup and he'll know what to do!"

7- Give Hiccup the screws at Icestorm Island

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Hiccup: "Oh, it's going to be good to be back in the air! Thanks for your help, [your Viking's name]. I would have been in some real trouble without you."

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