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Hideout gen
The Hideout is a special customizable hut that works similiar to The Farm, it comes with the Battle for the Edge expansion though it can be bought seperately for 200 Gems icon trans (160 Gems icon transfor members). Unlike the Farm, the Hideout can only be accessed in Dragon's Edge.

Location OverviewEdit

Hideout gen 2

The Player's Hideout is a general wooden structure with an oval shape, the roof has the base of a wyrm dragon with a half-pipe system that leads the water to a small lake outside and to the left of the Hideout. By the entrance, there are two torches and a sign that says "HIDEOUT", because the Hideout is located on top of a large sea stack, a bridge connects the main isle to the said sea stack. If the player enters the Hideout without the Expansion, a pop-up to buy the Hideout will appear, though, if the player has bought the Hideout, they can freely enter the Hideout.

Hideout full
Hideout dragon

Inside the Hideout, the player has a specific amount of room for customization, both ground and walls, the floor is made of round, natural stone tiles and the walls are made of wood planks, to the top right, there's a high ledge with a window to the outside - this is where the active dragon will be located at. A newly bought Hideout will always be empty without any furniture as opposed to have aleady-placed furniture, giving the player the head-start into customizing the Hideout.

Customizing the HideoutEdit

Hideout int

A highly customized Hideout

Hideout custom menu
Custom mode

To customize a Hideout, you must click on the two utensils doing an "X" symbol to the middle right section of the screen, doing it so will open a special menu similiar to The Farm on the right side, listing every item you've bought or received by types. Within the menu, it will show the respective item and how many do you have, to place it on the Hideout:

  • On Desktop, click the item and it will automatically appear in the mouse;
  • On Mobile, click and drag it to the Hideout.

When the item is selected, three new options will appear:

Custom remove Removes the item selected and puts it back to your Customization menu.
Custom rotate Rotates the item, rotates every 45º degrees.
Custom move Move the items at any direction except the Z axis, for Wall-only items, it won't move out of the wall.
Hideout stacked 2

Some stacked items

Due to a lack of Tutorial regarding the Customization of the Hideout, there's no indication about how some items can be stacked on top of another, specifically smaller items such as Bows, Cups and even Boxes. To stack an item, move them into a table or a box and the item will automatically appear on top of the table/box and will stay on top unless it's out of the collision detection range of said table/box. The "item will stay red if it's into another collision range of another item" rule still applies to stacked items, for example, if the player has a bow on a table and tries to place a box nearby the bow, if the box is touching the bow's collision range then the box will stay red until the player moves it out of said range.

Also due to no indication or tutorial within the game, you can stack multiple items on top of another item on top of a table.

Hideout stacked

Multiple stacked items, on the far right, you can see two items stacked on a table with other items stacked on them

Types of FurnitureEdit

There's a total of 8 types of items available, some with their own systems.

Type Icon Description Stackable?
Custom beds
A type of mobility who's often relatively big and requires a big of space to fit in No
Custom tables
Custom chairs
Depends - Thrones can have stacked items
Wall Hangings
Custom wall hangings
Wall Lightings
Custom wall lightings
Custom lightings
Depends - Small lights can be stacked
Custom decors
Depends - small items can be stacked.
Statues & Totems
Custom statues & totems

Rewarded FurnitureEdit


  • A common glitch that can happen in highly decorated Hideouts is the items not fully load, re-entering the Hideout should fix this.



  • The release of the Hideout may or may not imply players without a Hideout sleep and reside in the Stables.
  • The colors on the outside of the Hideout are the ones of your active dragon.
  • While the player may visit their friend's Hideouts by clicking the Home icon trans button from their Friend List, inviting their friends to visit them while in the hideout will not work.
    • If the player attempts to visit a friend's Hideout without having acquired the Battle for the Edge Expansion, an ad of the latter will come up on the screen.
    • Changing your active dragon in the Hideout will make you ride it.
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