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Phlegma: "I love my new place here at School of Dragons! It's such an exciting island. The climate, or general weather, seems to be on the chilly side.

Let's see how the climate is measuring up today. I left a thermometer on the beach to measure the temperature. Please get it for me."

1- Collect the thermometer from the beach

Note: The thermometer is located behind Phlegma, next to the waterfall and under the staircase in The School.

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Phlegma: "Perfect! The thermometer is working!

Since oceans are always at sea level, the temperatures always seem to be warmer. Please bring the thermometer up to me."

2- Deliver the thermometer to Phlegma

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Phlegma: "It's just as I expected. The weather is quite warm for this time of year. The climate is usually a bit colder.

We need to check the thermometer at a higher elevation. Higher elevations tend to have colder temperature, so make sure you take a jacket! You might have to fly on your dragon to get it. Head up to the highest peak here at the school."

3- Collect the thermometer from the highest peak

Note: The thermometer is located by the entrance of Training Grounds, on the cliff that connects to the 3rd curve of The Lookout's pathway.

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Phlegma: "Great job! It's a bit chillier up here!

It's cooler up there because of its elevation. Temperature usually decreases by one degree Celsius for every 100 meters in altitude. Bring that thermometer and its readings back to me so I can mark it down."

4- Deliver thermometer to Phlegma

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Phlegma: "The further a location is from the equator, the cooler its climate will be.

Berk is pretty far north of the equator. That's one reason why Berk is extremely cold with long winters and short summers!

We need some comparison data. Go to Berk and collect a thermometer from the beach."

5- Collect the thermometer on the beach in Berk

Note: The last two are in Training Grounds - this one is located around Astrid and the entrance to Thunder Run Racing

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Phlegma: "Great, you found the thermometer! Please read it to me!

The beach at Berk is about the same temperature as the beach at school. They are both at sea level and they have a similar climate.

Now, there's one more thermometer out there. Get to the highest elevation at Berk!"

6- Collect the thermometer from the highest peak in Berk

Note: This one is very hiddden, on the far left of Training Grounds, on top of the beginning of the packs of floes, there's a snowy cliff with trees by a round, large rock, the thermometer is located right between a wall and a large tree.

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Phlegma: "Wow! There's some ice on it. It's really cold up here because the elevation is so high. The elevation is why it snows more often in Berk than it does at the school!

Bring those thermometers back to me at school. I want my equipment back so I can do more testing!"

7- Deliver the thermometers to Phlegma

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Phlegma: "You're an amazing help to me and my plants. Knowing the climate here will help me predict the weather conditions and where to plant! Thank you, student!"

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