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Headmaster: "I need your help to get this new lesson ready. It's all about Viking contraptions, so we need to gather inventions to display in the classroom.
You're in luck! Eret is visiting the school to learn more about dragons and I'm sure he's come across all kinds of Viking inventions on his travels. If you hurry, you can catch him before he heads back to the Training Grounds. He's on the beach getting some fresh air!"

1- Talk to Eret on the beach

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Eret: "Ahoy there, [Your Viking's Name]! I'm Eret, son of Eret, the finest dragon wrangler alive. Vikings all across the archipelago and beyond have made so many great inventions over the years!
I'd be happy to share a few that I've come across. For example, the Vikings invented the comb!
Astrid has a braid so I'm sure she'll have one you could use. You should ask her for a comb so we can show it in the classroom."

2- Talk to Astrid about her comb

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Astrid: "You need my comb for the new class? Sure! Vikings have been making combs for years, but this one is special. My great-grandma gave it to me!
It's carved out of red deer antler, so it's really strong."

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Headmaster: "Comb back .. I mean, come back to me with the comb."

3- Bring the comb back to the Headmaster

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Headmaster: "You did a great job, [Your Viking's Name]. I have a lead on another contraption here at the school. Time to lace up your running shoes.
We can't forget one of our best inventions, the sailing ship. Vikings are masters of the sea!Go see Mulch by the lake to get a ship."

4- Go see Mulch by the lake

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Mulch: "A ship! Are you crazy? Do you know how big those are? It will never fit into a classroom!
Oh, I know what he means. He wants a replica of a ship.
Our longships are our pride and joy! They're speedy, stealthy and can run by sail or manpower.
I know Fishlegs has made a couple replicas. Go see him by the boat to Berk."

5- Find Fishlegs for a model longship

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Fishlegs: "A longship! Before I give it to you, did you know that a longship is classified by the number of oarsmen on board? And there's only one coxswain who coordinates the power and rhythm of all the oarsmen. Fascinating!
A ship at sea is hard to navigate without knowing where you're going. Vikings invented one of the first magnetic compasses that guides you along on a stormy day. before sailors had compasses, they had to use the sun to see where they were!
Mulch has an extra one you can have! Go talk to him."

6- Get the compass from Mulch

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Mulch: "You can't have a ship without a compass, and you can't have Vikings without ships. So this is essential, [Your Viking's name]!"

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Headmaster: "I'm glad everyone is willing to help out. Come back to me with Fishlegs and Mulch's items."

7- Deliver the items to Headmaster

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Headmaster: "These are perfect for the display, but I feel like something's still missing!
We need something that means more to the people of Berk. Go talk to Gobber in the Hatchery."

8- Talk to Gobber in the Hatchery

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Gobber: "I'm proud to be a Viking! I was wondering when you were finally going to get to me. I'm the blacksmith, so of course you'll need to talk to me!
My proudest invention was crafting a metal prosthetic foot for Hiccup. His other foot is constantly growing, so I need to make him new prosthetics. I have the first one he ever had, after the battle with the Red Death. You can have it!
The next invention that deserves to be on display is from my trainee, Hiccup. He's over by the Flight Club training tower."

9- Go talk to Hiccup by Flight Club

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Hiccup: "We've changed so much recently. Everyone's proud of my quirky little inventions! I'm so honored.
This thing means the world to me. It's the first tail fin I ever created for Toothless. That is, it's the first one that didn't get destroyed. You can have it."

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Headmaster: "Please bring me Hiccup and Gobber's contraptions."

10- Go back to the Headmaster

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Headmaster: "These are the best inventions we have to put on display. They mean so much to us. Thank you for gathering all these items, [Your Viking's Name]. You did well."

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