The Hobblegrunt is a Stoker Class dragon released on August 14th, 2014 for a limited time. It was formerly available for purchase for 750 gems (600 for members).

The Hobblegrunt is now available for 750 gems (600 for members), as of v2.11.0.


From the How to Train Your Dragon Wiki:

"The Hobblegrunt has a single horn and and an expandable frill surrounding its head. It has clawed wings, small arms and big legs like a Deadly Nadder. It also appears to have long neck and tail as well. Its tail has frilled edges, similar to that of a Monstrous Nightmare.
"The Hobblegrunt is able to change its colours like a chameleon, and this ability is similar to that of the Changewing. Instead of doing it for defensive purposes, it changes color depending on its mood. It can use this ability to calm other dragons. Using the large frill on its head, the Hobblegrunt is able to detect the subtle shifts in temperature, barometric pressure, and the emotional states of nearby dragons or humans."

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In Quests Edit

Battle for the Edge Edit

Quest: Threat of the Dragon Hunters Edit

The player will find wild Hobblegrunts on Hobblegrunt Island, where they nest in group on sandy cliffs. Their nests are low mounds of sand, and they hold quite a large number of eggs, up to 10 each. Baby hobblegrunts lives with adults in the nest area. It is not explained in the quest, but probably they nest in group for self-defense.

The Dragon Hunters for some reason seem interested in the baby Hobblegrunts, probably because they are easier to capture. Adult dragons don't seem to have some defensive strategy, as they apparently don't fight back to the attackers.

Quest: The Hobblegrunt Mystery Edit

The player needs to approach nesting Hobblegrunts on Hobblegrunt Island, without disturbing them, which seems to indicate that they are easily scared dragons.

Quest: Dragon Hunter Troubles Edit

A baby and an adult Hubblegrunts are found trapped in a Dragon Hunter's cage along with other dragons at Hobblegrunt Island.

Hobblegrunt vs Threadtail ConfusionEdit

Ever since the release of the Hobblegrunt, it has been talked about and discussed between players due to the said released Hobblegrunt looked nothing like the already officially confirmed Hobblegrunt, going as far as to generate discussions about this Hobblegrunt being a sub-species of the real Hobblegrunt while others just call it "a lazy job" from the developers.

Things escalated really quickly with Dragons: Rise of Berk's February 16th, 2016 release, Threadtail, which looked exactly like the SoD's Hobblegrunt. Players that were already disappointed with the SoD's Hobblegrunt release started losing more of their patience as they started wondering how could they confuse these two different dragons, one of which was shown multiple times on screen during How To Train Your Dragon 2.

It wasn't until March 27th, 2017, Brian Yoon, one of SoD's Narrative Designers, cleared up the confusion of the Hobblegrunt vs Threadtail confusion:

The Hobblegrunt wasn't going to originally look like the Threadtail, instead, it was going to have its own model, and to an extent, the same for the Threadtail. But, back in 2014, the developers required the confirmation of DreamWorks to release one of the two models. One was released, and the other was then revised and released, resulting in two living Hobblegrunts[1].

Back in 2014, we created two different models for the Hobblegrunt; we released one, then revised and released another model shortly after. [...] We had two different Hobblegrunts live at one point (though never at the same time, since we updated all Hobblegrunts with the new model), and we eventually settled on the one.
  — Brian Yoon [src]  

What might've happened was not only did the SoD developers forgot what an Hobblegrunt looked like when releasing the model, neither did someone at DreamWorks, promptly resulting in Dreamworks calling the background dragon model a "Hobblegrunt" and allowing SoD to release the wrong species model.

Because of this, SoD can't just rename the dragon due to Dreamworks "officially" naming it as a "Hobblegrunt".[1]

We got directly from Dreamworks. I understand the confusion with where the Hobblegrunt/Threadtail is in current knowledge, but we won't/can't change our Hobblegrunt because Dreamworks named it for us.
  — Kaneka [src]  


  • The Hobblegrunt is the only dragon that is exclusively available for a limited time;
    • These are some of the few sale events it appeard:
      • March 31st - April 6th 2015[2];
      • May 29th - June 8th 2015[3];
      • July 2nd - 7th 2015;
      • March 24th - 31st 2016[4];
    • As of v2.11.0, the Hobblegrunt is now fully available in the store.


Level Attack Power Fire Power Healing Power Health
1 9 9 8 135
2 18 18 16 170
3 27 27 24 205
4 36 36 32 240
5 45 46 40 275
6 54 55 48 319
20 180 182 160 800
21 189 191 168 835
30 270 273 240 1150
48 432 437 384
50 450 455 400 1850

Broad icon Hatchling and AdulthoodEdit

The hidden world icon Bioluminescent PatternsEdit

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