The Hobgobbler is a Mystery Class dragon released on July 31st, 2019. It can be purchased for 1,100 Gems (880 for members). On January 21st, 2020, the Hobgobbler received a Titan Stage. On April 13th, 2020, the Hobgobbler received a price adjustment and was reduced to 750 Gems (600 for members).

Description[edit | edit source]

From the How to Train Your Dragon Wiki:

"Pug-nosed, wide-eyed and drooling, Hobgobblers would be cute — if they weren't so destructive! They love to devour everything in their paths like airborne piranhas."
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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Exploring the Hidden World, there's a Hobgobbler floating in the fountain, reminiscent of the Hobgobbler swimming in the soup from How To Train your Dragon: The Hidden World.

The Smitten Hobgobbler is the exclusive counterpart of the Hobgobbler which can be only awarded by completing the quest Curse, Broken from Curse of the Hobgobbler.

Smitten Hobgobbler vs. Hobgobbler[edit | edit source]

Quest start.png
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Front view comparison

Only appearing in Curse of the Hobgobbler expansion pack, the Smitten Hobgobbler is a unique-looking Hobgobbler with a white and pale yellow coloration and bright pink eyes, however, it can be customized with any coloration the player desires like any other dragon (except the Night Fury and Light Fury) though there will always a white overlay over the color, resulting in a much lighter cloration than it should have. The Smitten Hobgobbler seems to be more slimmer and longed than the normal Hobgobbler with the same patterns present on both body and wings, though the width and height seem to remain the same; the Smitten's spikes are round shaped instead of the normal sharp tip shape, this includes the wing spike. The dentition is also much more poor than the normal Hobgobbler though the reason for it is unknown, unfortunately the expansion doesn't deliver informative dialogue regarding the Smitten Hobgobbler nor what is it's purpose in the herd of Hobgobblers, sparking possible theories and thoughts regarding what does this Hobgobbler does and why the strange coloration.

Wingspan comparison

Racing Stats Hobgobbler S. Hobgobbler
Max. Speed: 5.2 5.2
Pitch Rate: 5 5
Turn Rate: 7.5 7.5
Acceleration: 8.1 8.1

Much like the Light Fury, the Smitten Hobgobbler shares the same Racing Stats with the normal Hobgobbler, though the Hobgobbler has a smoother, agile flight, the turning and pitching are softer and smoother, unlike the Smitten Hobgobbler, who has a heavier flight though it doesn't affect the flight itself, there's also a dragging feel that can cause discomfort to some players.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Smitten Hobgobbler present in the Curse of the Hobgobbler expansion seems to have a case of albinism given the white/pale yellow color on his scales and the pinkish eyes. Aside from his physical appearance, animals with a case of albinism have more difficulty in defending themselves, with that in mind, the received Smitten Hobgobbler has a lower Critical Chance than a normal Hobgobbler while also having 0 in Defense, potentially implying said Smitten Hobgobbler does have a case of albinism. However, it's unknown if it's truly a case of albinism or if that's how this variation is supposed to be as the Expansion doesn't give that much clue about this unique variation;
    • It's also theorized the Smitten Hobgobbler is the Lead Speed Stinger to the Hobgobblers as he looks older, bigger and wiser-looking than the normal Hobgobblers and also features a different coloration than the latter. But due to the lack of information from the Expansion, it's also hard to confirm if the Smitten Hobgobbler is indeed the leader of the Hobgobblers.

Unlike most Dragons with Variants, the Hobgobbler and Smitten Hobgobbler only have two different Stats: the Critical Chance Dt critical chance.png and Defense Dt defense.png.

Fixed Stats
Hobgobbler Smitten Hobgobbler
Move Critical Chance Defense Move Critical Chance Defense
3 150 125 3 50 0
Level Attack Power Fire Power Healing Power Health
1 6 6 6 155
2 12 11 12 210
3 18 17 18 265
4 24 23 24 320
5 30 29 30 375
6 36 34 36 430
7 42 40 42 485
8 48 46 48 540
9 54 51 54 595
10 60 57 60 650
11 66 63 66 705
12 72 68 72 760
13 78 74 78 815
14 84 80 84 870
15 90 86 90 925
16 96 91 96 980
17 102 97 102 1035
18 108 103 108 1090
19 114 108 114 1145
20 120 114 120 1200
21 126 120 126 1255
22 132 125 132 1310
23 138 131 138 1365
24 144 137 144 1420
25 150 143 150 1475
26 156 148 156 1530
27 162 154 162 1585
28 168 160 168 1640
29 174 165 174 1695
30 180 171 180 1750
31 186 177 186 1805
32 192 182 192 1860
33 198 188 198 1915
34 204 194 204 1970
35 210 200 210 2025
36 216 205 216 2080
37 222 211 222 2135
38 228 217 228 2190
39 234 222 234 2245
40 240 228 240 2300
41 246 234 246 2355
42 252 239 252 2410
43 258 245 258 2465
44 264 251 264 2520
45 270 257 270 2575
46 276 262 276 2630
47 282 268 282 2685
48 288 274 288 2740
49 294 279 294 2795
50 300 285 300 2850

Boulder Class Boulder Boulder Class
Catastrophic Quaken icon.png
Catastrophic Quaken
Crimson Goregutter icon.png
Crimson Goregutter
Eruptodon icon.png
Grapple Grounder icon.png
Grapple Grounder
Groncicle icon.png
Gronckle icon.png
Hotburple icon.png
Ridgesnipper icon.png
Screaming Death icon.png
Screaming Death
Sentinel icon.png
Elder Sentinel
Elder Sentinel
Shovelhelm icon.png
Snafflefang icon.png
Thunderpede icon.png
Whispering Death icon.png
Whispering Death
Mystery Class Mystery Mystery Class
Armor Wing icon.png
Armor Wing
Boneknapper icon.png
Buffalord icon.png
Changewing icon.png
Death Song icon.png
Death Song
Dramillion icon.png
Dreadstrider icon.png
Flightmare icon.png
Ghastly Zapplejack icon.png
Ghastly Zapplejack
Hideous Zippleback icon.png
Hideous Zippleback
Hobgobbler icon.png
Smitten Hobgobbler icon.png
Smitten Hobgobbler
Slithersong icon.png
Smothering Smokebreath icon.png
Smothering Smokebreath
Snaptrapper icon.png
Sweet Death icon.png
Sweet Death
Sharp Class Sharp Sharp Class
Deathly Galeslash icon.png
Deathly Galeslash
Devilish Dervish icon.png
Devilish Dervish
Grim Gnasher icon.png
Grim Gnasher
Prickleboggle icon.png
Raincutter icon.png
Razorwhip icon.png
Scuttleclaw icon.png
Shivertooth icon.png
Speed Stinger icon.png
Speed Stinger
Stormcutter icon.png
Timberjack icon.png
Stoker Class Stoker Stoker Class
Abomibumble icon.png
Fireworm Queen icon.png
Fireworm Queen
Flame Whipper icon.png
Flame Whipper
Green Death icon.png
Green Death
Hobblegrunt icon.png
Moldruffle icon.png
Monstrous Nightmare icon.png
Monstrous Nightmare
Night Terror icon.png
Night Terror
Fire Terror icon.png
Fire Terror
Silver Phantom icon.png
Silver Phantom
Singetail icon.png
Terrible Terror icon.png
Terrible Terror
Typhoomerang icon.png
Strike Class Strike Strike Class
Deathgripper icon.png
Light Fury icon.png
Light Fury
Night Fury icon.png
Night Fury
Night Light icon.png
Night Light
Skrill icon.png
Skrillknapper icon.png
Snow Wraith icon.png
Snow Wraith
Triple Stryke icon.png
Triple Stryke
Woolly Howl icon.png
Woolly Howl
Night Lights: Dart icon.png
Ruffrunner icon.png
Pouncer icon.png
Tidal Class Tidal Tidal Class
Luminous Krayfin icon.png
Luminous Krayfin
Sand Wraith icon.png
Sand Wraith
Scauldron icon.png
Seashocker icon.png
Shockjaw icon.png
Sliquifier icon.png
Thunderdrum icon.png
Tide Glider icon.png
Tide Glider
Windwalker icon.png
Tracker Class Tracker Tracker Class
Deadly Nadder icon.png
Deadly Nadder
Mudraker icon.png
Rumblehorn icon.png
Titan Dragons
Titan bknapper icon.png Titan buff icon.png Titan crimsong icon.png Titan dnadder icon.png Titan dsong icon.png
Boneknapper Buffalord Crimson Goregutter Deadly Nadder Death Song
Titan dgripper icon.png Titan dramil icon.png Titan fmare icon.png Titan grimg icon.png Titan gronck icon.png
Deathgripper Dramillion Flightmare Grim Gnasher Gronckle
Titan hzipple icon.png Titan hobg icon.png Titan mnightmare icon.png Titan razorw icon.png Titan rumbleh icon.png
Hideous Zippleback Hobgobbler Monstrous Nightmare Razorwhip Rumblehorn
Titan sandw icon.png Titan scauld icon.png Titan scutter icon.png Titan scuttlec icon.png Titan sdeath icon.png
Sand Wraith Scauldron Stormcutter Scuttleclaw Screaming Death
Titan senti icon.png Titan shockj icon.png Titan skrill icon.png Titan snoww icon.png Titan sstinger icon.png
Sentinel Shockjaw Skrill Snow Wraith Speed Stinger
Titan tdrum icon.png Titan timberj icon.png Titan tstryke icon.png Titan tterror icon.png Titan wdeath icon.png
Thunderdrum Timberjack Triple Stryke Terrible Terror Whispering Death
Titan woollyh icon.png
Woolly Howl
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