Things to do when a new dragon is released (usually done by admins - please ask permission if you want to do it):

A dragon's page is structured to have the general information about a newly released dragon, divided in sections with the tabber mechanism. On the first section, Main Page, it has the general information of the dragon itself:

  • Infobox: This is here all the important information regarding the Dragon's stats is located, stats include Racing Stats, Battle Stats and Combat Stats;
  • Sypnosis: A brief description that includes the Dragon's Class, release date, Store price and Titan Stage release;
  • Description: A sheet from the respective Dragon page from the How to Train your Dragon Wiki;
    • Comparison Description: Some dragons like Light Fury and Elder Sentinel are variant sub-species of the main species (Night Fury and Sentinel respectively) so a comparison between the species is written to give a more in-depth look at who's better in x;
    • Controversy Description: Some dragons like Grapple Grounder and Hobblegrunt brought some backlash with them so an unbias description regarding the controversy may be written after the description;
  • History: Facts regarding the update of the model and animation;
  • Trivia: Facts regarding other factors for example the Slithersong, Death Song and Typhoomerang are the only dragons who gain happiness and energy from Eels;
  • Glitches: Facts regarding a glitch with the model;
    • References: For controversy descriptions, gathering sources regarding the controversy as important as making the description unbias, if not, it wells keeping the description unbias;
  • Navboxes: At the end of each page, adding {{Dragonbox}} and {{TDragonbox}} to Titan Dragons is important as it allows a quicker access to other Dragons.

In the second section, it's the Combat Stats, within the page, a large table that contains spaces for the stats of each 50 Levels is located. While every Dragon, including the non-Combat Dragons, have all 6 stats, only Attackpower, Firepower, Healpower and Health increase each level, so it's important to gain them for a more in-depth look at how strong or big will the resistence to damage be in Level x. In some Dragons, the Attackpower, Healpower and Health are easy to calculate for the next levels, Firepower however has a very distinct development which makes it much harder to calculate.

Notes on calculating Combat Stats:Edit

Stats are calculated from level 1 by summing a "level multiplier" to the previous level's stat. The level multiplier more often than not is not an integer number, so the resulting stat is usually rounded to no decimals. If the level multiplier is not known, it can be calculated as follow:

  • Attackpower (ATK), Firepower (FPR), Healpower (HPR): Take the stat at level 10 (or multiples of 10) and divide it tor 10 (or the number of the level used). This usually gives not-integer numbers. The level multiplier is also the level 1 stat (rounded).
  • Health: for dragons, the factor to be summed for each level is given by (health at lvl 1)-100. usually it's an integer number.

On the third and last section, there's the Gallery that can create a fourth section called Skins if the dragon has available skins.

(empty) Dragon Battle stats table Edit

Level Attack Power Fire Power Healing Power Health

Dragon images are very important as they give a general idea on how they look and no one wants to buy a dragon before knowing how they look like.

General Image StandardsEdit

  • JPEG Images aren't accepted and will be deleted if one uploads them to a Dragon's gallery;
  • Dragons with saddles aren't accepted, as it covers the dragons look - any images of dragons that contain a saddle will either be deleted or replaced with;
  • Please, make sure that the dragon or the desired close-up fits inside the canvas - any image that doesn't have the dragon or the desired close-up 100% inside it wil be deleted or replaced with;
  • When taking a screenshot of the dragon, make sure:
    • That you're taking a screnshot in a location that has a great lighting - use The School, DO NOT USE THE WILDERNESS;
      • If the lighting on the dragon is glitched, try to screenshot on a zone that has less lighting, if possible;
    • That the dragon is in third-quarter view and full body, in case of long dragons, make a semi-front view to capture all the body;
      • Dragons like the Timberjack can often requrie the Debug camera to gather the full body, to know the controls of the Debug camera, head to this page;
  • Keep your identity hidden, UIs hidden and the screenshots must be in Singleplayer, you can go to the Options menu in the game to hide your name, to turn off MMO and hide your Viking and Dragon UI - any image that includes any of these will be deleted or replaced with;

Dragon AppearanceEdit

Broad icon Baby and Adult Dragon StandardsEdit

A picture is worth a 1,000 words, so a dragon gallery must be rich with images showcasing the dragon but to prevent a cluster of non-informative, blurred pictures, the gallery must include all the general poses that we see everyday:

Within a gallery, the required poses are Standing, Idle, Sitting, Sitting Idle*, Sleeping in two view, Swimming in two views, a picture of the fire, the dragon Firing, a gif of the speed of the fire, Hovering, Flying, Gliding and Braking - these images and gifs are what give a more in-depth look of the Dragon, allowing players to have an easier time at deciding on which dragon should they get.

*- Sitting Idle seem to only appear in some dragons and dragons who shares models with other dragons will have the same sitting idle animation, for example:
Bby sbreath sit idle
The Smothering Smokebreath's sitting idle is the dragon shaking, if you watch the Fireworm Queen and the Sweet Death closely, they will do the exact same sitting idle due to sharing the Smokebreath's modified Night Fury animation model. If you wish to help us discover more dragons with the Sitting Idle and who also shares the same Sitting Idle, visit this blog post; if you aren't sure which dragon came first to give the title of the "Sitting Idle/Model animation owner", visit this blog post.

Some dragons also include special detail within the model, to which close-ups of the details are needed, for examples, the Light Fury has a glitter effect on the skin as well as fins around the body, so a close-up gif of it and multiple close-ups were created. Close-ups of the head and a wingspan showcase were also created for not only a close-up of the head details, but to also give a proper idea of the lenght of the dragon.

A Baby Dragon only requries the Standing, Idle, Sitting, sitting Idle and Sleeping in two views but it also requires the before hatching, default colors and after hatching/hatchling pictures.

In the default colors pciture, the dragon msut be in a profile shot for players to get a better view on where does the colors apply - if a dragon has the same color on the whole body or in another sections, it's adviced the dragon that's being in use for the pictures to have distinct colororation.

Titan icon Titan Stage StandardsEdit

A Titan Dragon often comes with a drastical changed appearance and the color placement often changes, though the Gallery Standard doesn't at all, a Titan Dragon still requires the Standing, Idle, Sitting, Sitting Idle, Sleeping in two view, Swimming in two views, a picture of the fire, the dragon Firing, a gif of the speed of the fire, Hovering, Flying, Gliding and Braking picture, as well as the details and close-ups. The only change would be the addition of the Comparison picture between an Adult and Titan.

The hidden world icon Bioluminescent PatternsEdit

In v3.0.0 - The Hidden World Update released in February 21st, 2019 released a new look for each dragon, the Bioluminescent Patterns. The Bioluminescent Patterns are a The Hidden World Expansion-exclusive feature were each Dragon specie gains their own patterns just by entering the Hidden World Annex, because it's within the Dragon and doesn't required to be applied to the Dragon like a skin, the Bioluminescent Patterns aren't considered as a skin, therefore, the Bioluminescent Patterns belong to the main Gallery.

No matter what specie, the Bioluminescent Patterns gallery must include 3 general views of the patterns.

The rest is all about getting close-ups of the patterns, close-ups of the head, dorsal patterns if the dragon has them, limbs and abdominal patterns if the dragon has them, underwing patterns (if included) and upperwing patterns are required as it gives a more detailed close-up of the patterns.

The Titan must have the exact angles of the adult for an easier comparison.

There's 3 types of Model Animation to apply to the Dragons:

Original Model AnimationHybrid Model AnimationReused Model Animation

Original Model Animation (OMA) Gallery and Application StandardsEdit

A Dragon with Original Model Animation is when a dragon has never seen before animation, without any bits from other Dragon animation models. The animation can not always be smooth like the Primary Starters, though the main rule of application is "Has this animation ever been seen before?". Because the animation is "unique" in a way, the Standing, Idle, Swimming and Firing require to be in gif format to demonstrate the animation model, and two extra gifs are made exclusivelu for OMA Dragons: Running and Walking.

An OMA dragon's required gifs doesn't just applies to the Original Animation, dragons with a modified model such as Sliquifier and Grapple Grounder also require the required gifs to demonstrate the animation though it should ONLY apply to the dragon who got released first, in this case, the Grapple Grounder should have the gifs due to its June 12th, 2015 release while the Sliquifier should have images of the animation due to the July 10th, 2015 release.

Hybrid Model Animation (HMA) Gallery and Application StandardsEdit

A Dragon with Hybrid Model Animation is when a dragon has both reused animation and Original Animation at once, for example, in spite of the Speed Stinger using the Skrill animation model, the animation was modified for the Speed Stinger's body build; the Mudraker in psite of having the exact same animations from the Skrill, the idle is uniquely animated.

HMA Dragons only require gifs of the OMA requirements if the animation is distinctly animated in spite of being a recycle of an animation model, for example, the Fireworm Queen uses the Night Fury model but contains a uniquely animated running animation, therefore, a gif of the running animation is required; the Grapple Grounder is a mesh of Night Fury and Hobblegrunt animation model, creating a strange, unique animation in spite of being made with 100% recycled animation, therefore, the Grapple Grounder requires the OMA Dragon requirements.

Reused Model Animation (RMA) Gallery and Application StandardsEdit

A Dragon with Reused Model Animation is when a Dragon reuses the animation model without any major, new animations whatsoever, for example, the Death Song and Moldruffle reuse the Skrill model, and the Scuttleclaw reuses the Deadly Nadder animation model.

Because they don't show any new animation whatsoever outside of the reused animation, no gifs except the Fire Speed gif are necessary, though if a RMA Dragon is the "owner" of the Sitting Idle, the Sitting Idle must be in a gif format - for example, the Smothering Smokebreath is the owner of the Night Fury model without sitting animation's sitting idle, therefore, it has a gif version of the Sitting Idle.

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