SoD Viking menu

This Menu appears when you click on your Viking.

It leads you to:

  • Backpack: where you can find all items from quests, fishing and farming, rewards, eggs and saddles. You can use the saddle section to directly equip your active dragon's saddle with a simple click.
  • Friends List: here you can find your Friend Code, your list of Online, Offline and Ignored friends, pending Friend requests, and where you can add friends by their Friend Code.
  • Journal: it opens your Adventurer's Journal.
  • Profile: It shows details of your Viking: their level, number of trophies, clan, trainer title, list of dragons, nationality and gender.
  • Clans: you can see your Clan members, details, Achievements and Messages, search for a Clan, and check the Clans Ranking.
  • Customize: it opens the Adventurer's Journal section amount customizing your Viking aspect and clothing.
  • Emotes: you can choose an Emote, that will appear above your Viking, and that other players (when MMO is on) can see.
  • In the mobile app, an additional Message button is shown, where you can access messages from other users and challenge requests.
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