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Hiccup: "I need some time to merge these maps together, so let's get you started on the other half of the equation: the compass! It's a tool that we can use to know which direction we're going at all times.

You see, the Earth is like a giant magnet that generates a magnetic field at all times from the top of the earth, the magnetic North Pole. All other magnets point toward that field, including a magnet inside any compass!

I can show you how that works, but first we'll need to make it. We'll need a case for the compass and a magnetic lodestone. Will you talk to Fishlegs and Meatlug about the glass? I think I saw them go into the Great Hall."

1- Go to the Great Hall

Fishlegs icon

Fishlegs: "Hi [your Viking's name]! I'm so excited. I plan to spend the day teaching dragons how to march in parade formation. Don't you think that would look perfect for our celebrations on Berk?

If you need glass then you came to the right place. As luck would have it, I just finished feeding Meatlug! The sandstone is her second favorite treat. Click on her and she'll make you some glass!"

2- Click on Meatlug

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Fishlegs: "Good girl! Who's the best Gronckle in all of Berk? You are!"

[Item: 1 Glass]
Item Glass


! icon

!: "You think you spotted Gobber by his smithy. You should talk to him about the lodestone."

3- Talk to Gobber about the lodestone

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Gobber: "If it's not one thing it's the other. Where are ou Grump? I swear, you lazy sack of bones, I'm going to send you away!

I need my dragon to keep my furnace going, and he's decided to go off to nap somewhere! That adorable little lump.

I have Hiccup's lodestone ready to go, but I just haven't had the time to whittle it down to size. Can you do it? Use your axe to chop it down to the size you need it."

4- Carve the lodestone down with your axe

Item Lodestone


! icon

!: "You should meet up with Hiccup in the Wilderness with the items he wanted."

5- Give Hiccup the parts for the compass in the Wilderness

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Hiccup: "This is perfect!"

[item: 1 Map to Dragon Island]
Item Helheim's Gate Map

Map to Dragon Island

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Hiccup: "I'm pretty proud of what we've accomplished here. This map has the sea stacks, the shipwrecks, the currents and the fishing zones that surround Dragon Island. We have all the information we need to get through that thick fog!

Open your Backpack and click on the map of Dragon Island to take a look at it!"

In search of true north map to DI

Map to Dragon Island

6- Click on the map to Dragon Island in your backpack

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Hiccup: "We can use the landmarks from the map to orient ourselves and know exactly where we are.

I can show you how the compass work! Click on the bowl of water on the lake."

7- Click on the bowl of water

[animation of the bowl moving on the water while the lodestone points north]

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Hiccup: "You see? The needle is pointing at true north at all times, no matter which way we're facing. We can use that to know which direction we're traveling. If the needle is pointing right, we know that we're traveling west. If the needle is pointing left, we know that we're traveling east. We can check the map against any recognizable landmarks in our path!"

[item: 1 Compass]
Item Compass


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Hiccup: "You need to learn how to use the compass in a safe place before we head to the open sea. We wouldn't want you to get lost in the fog, right? I know I'm going to regret this, but I let the twins prepare a training course for you. Talk to Ruffnut at Berk to get started!"

8- Talk to Ruffnut

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Ruffnut: "If you want scavenger hunts and tricks, you've come to the right place. Praise Loki!

Let the official Hidden Nut Hunt Extravaganza begin!

If you follow all our instructions, you can reach the hidden prize. You'll definitely like it! Click on your compass to bring it up, because you won't have a Quest Arrow to help you out at this time.

The first step is to go southwest from here to meet a simple friend!"

9- Travel Southwest from Ruffnut

Bucket icon

Bucket: "I stood here and waited, just like Ruffnut and Tuffnut asked me to do! Am I doing it right?"

Ruffnut icon

Ruffnut: "Good, good... but that was just the beginning! You are caught in my diabolical spider web of scavenger hunts! You won't escape the madness until I have you begging for mercy or I get bored. Both are equally likely, I think.

Next step: fly northwest from Bucket to find a... "bashful" sea stack. Go!"

10- Fly Northwest from Bucket

Ruffnut icon

Ruffnut: "Get it? 'Bashful sea stack'? It's a 'sheepish' sea stack! Hehe. Puns.

Now fly, my minion, fly directly east to find a dragon lover!"

11- Fly East from the sea stack

Fishlegs icon

Fishlegs: "Oops! [Your Viking's name], I didn't expect you to come by until a bit later. I'm sorry I have this Armorwing with me right now! Did your compass get jumbled up and point in a weird direction? It's because Armorwings are magnetic!

They generate a small magnetic field around them, and because it's closer than the one emitted by the planet, the compass points toward it instead! You need to move away from interfering spots for your compass to point to true north."

Ruffnut icon

Ruffnut: "No, that won't do at all! If you can't rely on your compass, how will you finish my scavenger hunt? You'll just have to avoid magnetic spots and go southwest to find a special marker."

12- Go Southeast from Fishlegs

Ruffnut icon

Ruffnut: "We're nearing the end, [your Viking's name]. Keep up!

Fly south from the flags and look for an ocean surprise!"

13- Fly South and look for an ocean surprise

Snotlout icon

Snotlout: "You know, when Ruffnut told me I would have a really crucial role in this scavenger hunt, this isn't what I had in mind..."

Ruffnut icon

Ruffnut: "Don't tell Snotlout you're nearly done. I want him to float out there until after dinnertime, at the very earliest.

The last step is to find Tuffnut's secret spot. All I can tell you is that it is west of the Snotlout Bucket."

14- Fly West to Tuffnut's secret spot

Tuffnut icon

Tuffnut: "You made it! For this and all your hard work, I commend you with... nothing. I mean, Hiccup always tells us hard work is its own reward, so that's all I have for you too."

[item: 1 Hard Work?]
Item Hard Work?

Hard Work?

Tuffnut icon

Tuffnut: "Yeah, I don't like it when Hiccup pulls that one in me, either. Speaking of our leader, Hiccup wants you to talk to his mother when you've mastered your compass. I'd say you've done that and more. Good luck storming Dragon Island!"

15- Talk to Valka

Valka icon

Valka: "I can see the spark in your eyes and the fire in your spirit that rages in you, just like a dragon. Good. We all need your strength for the trials to come."


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