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Hiccup: "Our frozen friend doesn't look so good... Maybe he's hungry? A nice, tasty fish should do the trick. Could you bring him one?"

1- Give the Groncicle 1 brown trout

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Hiccup: "I guess he's not hungry. What's wrong, little guy? Hmm, he looks kind of sad.

I've got it! Let's give him some dragon nip. That always does the trick. You can grow dragon nip in your farm or purchase them from Johann."

2- Give the Groncicle 1 dragon nip

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Hiccup: "He doesn't want the dragon nip either. Poor little guy... he must be sick.

Sick dragons should drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. I think Bucket was filling some water by the school lake earlier today. Will you go by and see if you can find one filled with water?"

3- Find the bucket of water by the school lake

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Hiccup: "Great!

Bring the water over here!"

4- Bring the water to the Groncicle

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Hiccup: "Looks like it's working. Good job! He's perked up a bit but still looks uncomfortable. You know, since he's an ice dragon, this climate might be too warm for him. Climate describes the range of an area's typical weather conditions and the extent to which the conditions vary over the years.

We have long, cold winters and short, warm summers here at Berk, but if you go further north, it gets even colder. I hear the temperatures are well below freezing and the ground remains frozen most of the year.

Our little buddy always seems to point his nose to the north. It could be a natural instinct. Follow him and keep him safe. Click on him to start the quest."

5- Click/Tap on the Groncicle and follow him

Icestorm follow baby

Stay in the green circle and follow him!

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Hiccup: "Interesting... I think he's leading you somewhere.

Keep following him and stay close behind! He might know where he's going but he's still just a baby. Click on the Groncicle in the Wilderness!"

6- Click/Tap on the Groncicle and follow him

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Hiccup: "Woah! I haven't explored that part of the wilderness yet. Exploring uncharted territory can be dangerous, but I'm sure you could handle it. What do you say?

Well, looks like the little feller wants us to head out over the water. Let's go through the mountain and keep flying until we hit land. Adventure awaits! Race you there!"

7- Fly to the Groncicle's natural habitat

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Hiccup: "Wow, what an amazing place! Oh boy. Time to put our adventuring skills to the test. I'm so glad we'll be exploring this new land together, [Your Viking's Name].

Our frozen friend is looking a bit better already. I think we've found the answer to his problem! Come to me. We'll need to get our bearing in this new land."

8- Talk to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "I think we're going to need a little help for this adventure, [Your Viking's Name]. I'll bring a Timberjack here so we can easily go to Berk and the school, too."


  • Despite the Timberjack Taxi being replaced by the World Map a long time ago, Hiccup still mentions bringing a Timberjack into Icestorm Island.
  • This quest used to award a Dragon Age-Up ticket, but it was removed at an unknown date (probably when the price for the quest was changed from Gems icon trans to Gold icon trans). Players might still get an animation at the end of the quest that a ticket is awarded, but this is not true.
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