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Astrid: "We don't know how Stormheart is getting the Grimora venom into the Triple Stryke without attaching the parasites. She must keep a stash of it somewhere away from her ship. We need to find it and destroy it. Do you think Hiccup could figure out how to find it? "

1- Talk to Hiccup at Dragon's Edge

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Hiccup: "Since Nikora's just arrived at the archipelago, we just don't know enough about her. There are a lot of islands out there, and she could be hiding the stash of venom anywhere. I don't know where to start.

Wait! We do know someone who understands her. Harald.

I know, I know. It's Harald. But - he keeps telling us we should trust him and maybe we should. A part of me thinks that deep down he is a good person, and he'll make the right choice. I'm sure he sees that making dragons go berserk is not good for anyone!

He seems to have a good relationship with you. Can you go to Auction Island and look for people who could lead you to Harald? Be careful. "

2- Talk to the shopkeeper at Auction Island

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Storekeeper: "Harald's been a busy man lately! Lots of action going on around him...

I saw him going to his boat on the other side of the island. I bet you'll find him in the forest if you hurry. Now quit bothering me, kid!"

3- Look for Harald at the Auction Island forest


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Harald Forkbeard: "What a nice surprise to see you here, [your Viking's name]. I hope my friends don't make you nervous; they're just here to make sure that I have a pleasant time here on Auction Island.

If you don't mind my saying, you have an air of desperation around you. Please, tell me. How can I help you?"

4- Ask for Harald's help
Is harald our last hope question

Ask for Harald's help

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Harald Forkbeard: "We both know that I am an honest and loyal man, so your insinuation that I'd switch allegiance is insulting. I am faithful to Stormheart as any Viking could be! But.

I understand she needs a way to neutralize the strength of her enemies, but I keep telling her there must be a better way than Grimora venom. I worry that my dear Leopold will cross her sights one day. He doesn't deserve that; he could be called an Adorable Terror, in my book.

Speaking of Leopold: I worry that he's too small and defenseless. In these trying times, he needs to be protected against the dangers of this world. Wouldn't you agree?

Please, see if you can convince Berk to make Leopold some armor. I'd be so thankful... and then we can talk."

5- Talk to Astrid at Berk about Terrible Terror armor

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Astrid: "Harald won't help us out unless we help his Terrible Terror?

I don't like that he's extorting us but we really need his knowledge. besides, I don't feel too bad about protecting his Terrible Terror; leopold should be taken care of regardless of his slimy keeper. Can you talk to Gobber and see if this is something we can do?"

6- Talk to Gobber

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Gobber: "Aye, I got just the thing for wee Leopold! Get ready for the latest 'Terror Mail'! Get it? Mail armor!

I need some materials to get things finished. Can you ask Hiccup for the blueprints to TT-04? He'll know what I'm talking about. "

7- Get the schematics and iron from Hiccup

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Hiccup: "Ugh. For the last time, we don't need a complicated system to categorize our inventions, and especially not something called a 'Dewey'! I need to hae a talk with Gobber..."

Items: 1 Terror Armor Schematics, 1 Iron

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Hiccup: "You can take all these materials and make the armor pieces at Gobber's blacksmith stall. Click on his forge to put all the iron in and Gobber will help you put it all together!"

8- Click on the forge to craft the armor

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Gobber: "What a beauty! I'd be proud to see that on any Terrible Terror. Thor knows I want to throw Ruffnut and Tuffnut off a bridge from time to time, but that doesn't mean I adore Barf & Belch any less, that annoying double-header! "

Item: 1 Leopold Armor

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Gobber: "Don't worry about the state of the forge; ol' Gobber can clean it up. You need to focus on the important stuff and get that armor to Harald at Auction Island."

9- Bring the Terrible Terror armor to Harald
Leopold's armor

Leopold wearing the armor

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Harald Forkbeard: "Well! You delivered and how. I'm very impressed, [your Viking's name]. Leopold looks quite dashing in his new kit! I'm glad I chose you when Stormheart asked for an intermediary to Berk; I was right all along.

Surely you remember when I took you and Johann to meet her? She hid the venom in a cave on the ocean floor below the island. Don't worry: the cave is full of air! You'll need to figure out how to get there, but you're surely crafty enough for that tiny problem. Go now; she's off... 'negotiating'... with another village right now.

Yes, yes: you would have never learned this without me. You're welcome. Oh - and say hello to Skulder for me. My men tell me he's here on Auction Island, and I'm just devastated that we haven't had the chance to talk."

10- Talk to th Archaeologist at the Auction Island docks

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Archaeologist: "Harald said what? Ooh, that scoundrel knows exactly what I think of him. It's not something I feel confortable repeating in front of others.

This must be a trap. According to him, the venom is right under Stormheart's nose! We'll arrive and be immediately taken by her ship, no doubt. She'll probably throw us into cages and leave us to rot!

Even if this were a trap, I will not abandon you to deal with it on your own. We shall sail into the teeth of danger together, my friend. I'll bring the boat with the diving bell to the secret location. I shall see you there!"

11- Meet the Archaeologist at Stormheart's base

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Archaeologist: "Hmm. For once, the dastardly Harald might have told the truth. The horizon is clear... It must be some sort of trap, but I can't see through it. What could he be up to?

Well! No matter. We have a short time window where we can look for the Grimora cache. We should get to it!

Phlegma taught me how to operate this device. From what I understand, the diving bell will have breathable air trapped inside. When you are swimming, remember to come back to the bell to breathe! Good luck, my good and dear friend. Click on the diving bell when you are ready."

12- Click on the diving bell.


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!: "Where could Stormheart be hiding her cache of Grimora venom? You should explore the ocean floor until you can find the cave Harald mentioned. "

13- Look for the cache of Grimora venom

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!: "You must douse the Grimora venom with salt water to destroy it but it seems to be sealed tight. You should try to find a way to break it open over the sea water."

14- Chop the venom cache
Grimora venom

The Grimora venom cache

! icon

!: "Great! You should make your way back to the safety of the ocean surface. Click on the diving bell to make your way back up. "

15- Talk to the Archaeologist on the surface

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Archaeologist: "You did it? You did it! Amazing!

I am sure Hiccup would be very happy to hear the news. Would you please go back to Dragon's Edge and let him know? I'll be right behind you."

16- Talk to Hiccup at Dragon's Edge

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Hiccup: "Great job! I don't know how she's extracting the venom from the Grimora, but I can't imagine that she can do it quickly. This means we have a winfdow of time for us to make our move..."

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