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This is Berk.

Isle of Berk or Berk is one of the 5 major locations, home of most of all the Characters, steps from multiple quests and even home of 5 entrances to 5 different important locations/mechanisms.


Berk paths

The paths

Isle of Berk is a enormous, wide island featuring multiple houses, including houses of the main casts (albeit in a different location and position), and paths for players to take and/or take shortcuts by jumping and gliding to. Due to the multiple paths and "floors", quests that involve looking for x amount of items require a keen eye as they are often hidden very well.
Berk paths 2

The paths viewed from Gothi's Hut

Following the path to the "highest" floor contains Hiccup's house with a staircase leading to The Great Hall, where Valka and her dragon Cloudjumper are located beside it. If the player completed Explore the Dark Depths quest, they will unlock the entrance to Whispering Death's Cave which is located behind Cloudjumper. There's also a hidden staircase that leads to a path that is often used to hide items and as a shortcut to get to the Trading Post or the sea.

Berk goths

Gothi's Hut's mountain

One of the most noticable, well-known features of Berk is Gothi's Hut: Gothi's Hut is a small, wooden house with a boat-esque roof and a small hut on the side, supported by wooden poles, and connected to some stairs and wooden paths. It's located right on the tip of the highest, tallest, biggest, layered mountain in Berk and it can be reached with either a flying dragon or attempt at climbing it, though it's not recommended as there's some parts that are too steep for players to climb.
Berk goths 2

Gothi's Hut

Around 5 quests require a specific, quest-only location that turns the environment around Gothi's Hut into a whole teleporter, which teleports you to the location counterpart.

Berk second part

The second section

Berk first part

The main isle viewed from the second section

On the left side of Astrid's house, a large wooden bridge leads to the second section of Berk and it's where the entrance to Sven's Farm, a Dragon Tactics post and the entrance to Loki's Maze are all respectively located at, said location is also where some items can be hidden, so remember to check this section when searching for items.

Besides Snotlout's house, there's a path that leads to the docks, which is a place filled with numerous paths, a boat, that by jumping into it, teleports you to the School and a path that leads to the beach, the only location in Berk with fishing spots. (stables - behind world map)

Behind the World Map, it's where the Stables are located however, the only way to reach it is by either using a flying dragon or by jumping towards it from the World Map.

Berk stable

The stables

Holiday VariationsEdit

Berk is one of the three locations with a holiday variant, Dreadfall (Halloween) and Snoggletog (Christmas) respectively. Both often appear a month earlier as opposed to appear right in the Holiday's month but its switch time is unknown as the holiday variant can stay months despite being out of the Holiday's month.

Fishing SpotsEdit

As mentioned before, Berk has two fishing spots:

  • A freshwater spot, it's located on the beach and it's where the waterfall leads to.
  • A saltwater spot, it's located right behind the lake on the shore.

In-Game DetailsEdit

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  • 7/25/13, version 1.03: Johann’s Trading Post added to Berk;
  • 8/8/13, version 2.0: Flight boundary on Berk increased; players can now get to Gothi's house;
  • 9/27/13, version 4.2: Flight boundary on Berk expanded again;
  • Version 2.12 - The Water Update: Berk eventually received a water update;
  • Version 3.0.0 - Berk is now abandoned to coincide with the final film. All NPCs now located at New Berk.
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