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Bucket: "Hi [your Viking's name]! I have the most pculiar hunger for halibut. I just can't get enough of it right now. Maybe we'll be able to get some fish if we go to the school lake. Can you go and catch 3 fish there?"

1- Catch 3 fish for Bucket

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Bucket: "Great job! Too bad those aren't halibut.

I don't understand why we couldn't catch any halibut at this lake. Mulch is so much smarter than me. Can you ask him?"

2- Talk to Mulch

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Mulch: "Bucket! I love the man, but sometimes he's as dumb as a.. well, bucket.

If Bucket could keep a good thought in his mind, he'd remember that fish are vertebrate animals that live in water, and different kinds of fish live in different areas. Each species of fish prefers a certain habitat.

I know! Let me give you a rundown of what fish live where. Go visit some of the other fishing areas at the school and Berk."

3- Visit the waterfall under Berk

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Mulch: "This here is a freshwater lake! The waterfall feeds into it so there's a good flow of water here."

4- Go to the lake in the Wilderness

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Mulch: "Remember this place? It's where you fished with Gobber when you first got [your dragon's name]! Fish that can survive in only one type of water are called stenohaline."

5- Visit the mouth of the river in the Wilderness

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Mulch: "Did you know, salmon love to swim upstream! You'll find a lot of them here at the mouth of the river. Salmon are born in freshwater then migrate to the ocean where they mature. After about 1-5 years, they head back to freshwater to reproduce.

Great job lad/lassie!

You know, your dragon will let you fly to a bunch of places that are hard to get to by boat. Why don't you fly out by the crack in the mountains and try to find a good fishing spot?"

6- Fly outside the caldera

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Mulch: "Great job, kid! That was one in a million!

You should be able to catch halibut anywhere in saltwater. Go for it, kid, and get some to Bucket!"

7- Give Bucket 3 halibut

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Bucket: "Wow, [your Viking's name]! I was just craving some halibut! How did you know? You're amazing! "

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