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Hiccup: "Hey, [your Viking's name]! Have you explored the other side of the island much? Toothless and I were flying around and I noticed the ruins of an old house. It's not ancient, but it's pretty cool! You should check it out."

1- Explore the house on the other side of the island

[item: 1 Dirty Ancient Tablet]

(item is invisible and doesn't appear in the backpack)

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Hiccup: "Wow, good eye! You've got the eyesight of a Deadly Nadder.

You should show that to the Archaeologist. I'm sure he'll be overjoyed."

2- Give the tablet to the Archaeologist

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Archaeologist: "Ah, you've found the next clue! Let me take a look.

Interesting... You say this tablet was not found inside of a treasure chest? Hmm... It must have been discovered by someone else many years ago. That abandoned house was probably not its original location.

Perhaps another treasure-hunter found it--another explorer like us! Whoever they were, I'm glad they left it somewhere we could find it. However, since this tablet was not locked in a chest, it's caked in ice and dirt. Filthy!

Would you please fetch some hot water from the geothermal springs for me? Here, take this bucket."

3- Go to the geothermal springs in the Ice Caves

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Archaeologist: "Fantastic! With hot water, I can clean off this grime in no time!

Please bring the water back to me."

4- Return to the Archaeologist

Item Third Ancient Tablet

Third Ancient Tablet

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Archaeologist: "Ah, thank you! Give me a moment to clean off the tablet. Cleaning off ancient artifacts requires delicacy and patience!"


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