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Loki's Maze was first introduced in October 16th, 2015 as "Loki's Maze of Mayhem". It's a gigantic, long cavern filled with 4 to 6 mini-games for the player to overcome and reach the reward, always including Ruff and Tuff's Store (which are 4 Mystery Chests of all the 3 different kinds). When it came out, it was just a small mini-game and something new to the game, but its popularity grew and has become a thing throughout the years, even getting two holiday counterparts: Christmas and Spring.

Whenever you complete the maze, you are rewarded the said prize but you can only receive it once, any attempts at completing the maze form the prize would instead reward you 100 Gold icon trans, or in post-v2.13 Weapon Update, reward you 5 Shards.

Just like the exclusive Animals, don't expect the Maze to be always released as the developers can forget about it and entirely skip it.

On September 27th, 2018, Loki's Maze of Mayhem was renamed to Fright of Passage to fit with the origin of Dreadfall.

The Course MinigamesEdit

The maze has a number of courses, though they always differ slightly, if not, at all, and each maze has a different course pattern.

Fortunately, "dying" in the minigames won't respawn you to the beginning of the maze itself, but yes, to the beginning of the respective section you are currently in.

Course Name[1] Description Appearance Tips
Avoid the Boulders Avoid the Boulders is a circular area, with about 2-3 open spots for the player to be safe from the "boulders". The "boulders" are often either large dragons (like Whispering Deaths or Boneknappers) or Christmas decorative balls and are built to immediately "kill" the player upon contact, any contact with the player sends them to the beginning of the minigame's course. The player has to make its way to the exit hole while avoiding from being hit by the "boulders". In front of the exit hole, there's always a ledge high enough to avoid the player from supposedly cheat the minigame by skipping the long route. It is possible to skip the entire of the course by continuously jumping in the corners of the high ledge and head straight for the exit. In 2018's Loki's Maze of Cheers, the distance from the ledge and the exit are longer, but by walk into the ledge's right corner, you can be safe from the balls and with precise timing and a tight curve, head straight for the exit.
Cross by X Cross by X is a "Follow only x related to y" minigame, in this course, the player has to follow tiles related to the main theme, for example, if the theme is "Cross by Simple Machines" then the player has to walk on the tiles with simple machinery like the wheel and the pulley. If the player walks on the wrong one, the tile the player is standing on will immediately fall down which can catch a player off guard for those who are easily frightned. The player has to follow the said tiles to the exit. By constantly jumping to the correct tiles to another correct tile, the player can easily skip the entire pathway and just head straight for the exit.
Follow and Memorize the Path This course is divided in two section: The first half requires the player to go through a multi-door labyrinth, about 1-2 lead to dead ends while most of them are blocked. On the floor of each room, there's a wooden tile with a different Dragon Class symbol - this is important to remember as the next half requires you to jump from tile to tile according to the order you found them. Just like the Cross by X course, if you jump to the wrong tile, it will immediately fall down and respawn you to the beginning of the Follow the Path section. It's easy to tell which entrance can be walked through: only the functional entrances have a waterfall-esque noise. For the Memorize the Path, writing down the correct order of the Class symbols and how they look is a good way to avoid the dreaded "back to the beginning", specially those who aren't familiar with SoD's Class symbols.
Reflect the Light/Raise the Platform Reflect the Light is also divided in two: The first half is infested in Terrible Terrors and the player must avoid any contact with them, any contact results in the player returning back to the beginning of the minigame course.

After passing through the Terrible Terrors, the player is met with a thin pillar and three ledges, both with 3 options. Often times, if not, always, the question is always about reflecting the light, meaning that the player has to jump to the platform that forms a rainbow, which is often located near the door. If the player jumps on the wrong one, the platform will fall and the player is in the middle of the Terrible Terror infestation, though you don't immediately respawn, only if one touches you.

When you do get the right answer, be sure to be quick on your feet because the door stays open for a little time and when it closes, you have to jump onto the right answer again to open it.

In Loki's Mirage, the first section of the course is a bridge with Terrible Terrors flying around it. In Loki's Maze of Cheers, this course was changed to raising the platform instead of just run through it. There's three buttons that need to be depressed so there's three Viking statues that need to be pulled into the buttons. Two are located in the lower ground, one is already on the button, while the last one is located in a higher platform, in order to raise the platform, the order of the statues goes like this:

  1. Push/pull with Shift the statue next to the closest button;
  2. This triggers both the platform and a hidden wall platform, allowing you to climb to the last statue;
  3. Drag the stuate off the platform and push/pull it to the last button.

Do be careful, because the area is still infested in Terrible Terrors though they don't reset the progress.

You can skip the entire section just by making a tight jump to the pillar on the top.
Platform Mayhem Platform Mayhem is a cluster of platforms floating on top of a lagoon of possible Algae water, any contact with the Algae water results in respawning at the beginning of the course. There's three kinds of platforms in this section:

  • Moving platforms are always in constant moving, whether it's horizontally or vertically, some are even built to make platform trickier;
    • In 2017 Loki's Maze of Cheers, there was a group of moving platform that required the player to stand over a button to make the platforms move;
  • Stand-still platforms are platforms that don't move at all and in most cases, form a staircase-like section;
  • Fragile platforms have no way or indication that there's fragile but often appear in staircase-esque sections.

If the player goes through the first half, falling into the Algae water will return you to the second half's starting point.

Possibly with the exception of 2018 Loki's Maze of Cheers, every single platform could be skipped by hiking the walls in a Skyrim fashion.
Labyrinth The Labyrinth is also divided in two sections: The main section is exactly what it is, a Labyrinth filled with dead ends, each dead ends always contains a Whispering Death scarecrow that silently "jumpscares" you (or a Viking statue in a little trolley that throws snow at you in Cheers). The labyrinth always differs and in the first Loki's Maze of Mayhem, there was a hidden, free chest in a corner that rewarded farm decorations.

At the end of the maze, there's a question with 5 doors, each with their own image (or in some cases, one lacks an image) and the player has to walk into the button with the image that corresponds with the sentence. For instance, in the Mayhem, "Seek Thor's Lighting and Rain" means that the player needs to seek the Cumulonimbus cloud.


Mystery Maze ChestsEdit

Cheers 18 blue chest

A Blue Mystery Chest

Cheers 18 red chest

A Red Mystery Chest

A Mystery Maze Chest is a randomly spawned chest with 2 color variations: blue and red. Each act exactly like Mystery Chests, they have their own preview though unlocking them has a high change of giving an item that doesn't appear on the preview. Unlike the Mystery Chests, these are free.

They can be found either in the wide open view of the player or in secret locations that require the player to explore a little futher. It's unknown what they overall give.

For more information about Maze mystery chests, go to Mystery Chests.

Released Loki's MazesEdit

Down below are the currently released themed-mazes:

Loki's Mirage Edit

First introduced on: Spring 2016

Period: from March 16th Period: from March 25th


  • 2016: Mystery egg chest
  • 2017: Maze of Hair (Apparel)
  • 2018: -maze was not released-


  1. Please note that these are non-official names, until an official name is given, these are going to be placeholder names.
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