The Luminous Krayfin, also often refered as the Leviathan is a non-playable, Tidal class dragon released with the The Secret of Leviathan expansion on March 2nd, 2017.

As for v2.7.0, the Titan/Adult Krayfin will swim in cycles in Impossible Island.


According to The Bork Papers (found in the first mission of The Secret of Leviathan Expansion Pack):

"The Luminous Krayfin thrives in a humid habitat and must feed on the Dragon Bloom, a* most dangerous flower. Only then can it become a leviathan.
Extremely dangerous. Pray you never see this monster on the seas."

*= In-game typo.

To learn more about the Luminous Krayfin, go here.


  • Krayfin is the second non-playable dragon, the first being the Green Death and the third being the Seashocker.



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