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Listen up, new kid. You might think you are the hottest dragon trainer to hit this side of the archipelago... but it doesn't matter until Snotlout gives his seal of approval. I need to see you and your dragon work as one in our obstacle course. [...]
  — Snotlout [src]  

Minigames are a crucial mechanism in the game, if not, almost needed to progress through the game as they reward Experience Points, Coins and on some Minigames, Gems. There's 17 Minigames all scattered across the archipelago, some require Expansion Packs to unlock them and others don't reward at all though are required for progress.

What exactly are Minigames?Edit

Minigames completion

An example of a completion screen

Minigames are special, smaller, optional-esque games for the player to interact with or to use them to advance in the game. They're generally located in populated areas, for example, the Training Grounds is home to 5 Minigames (Flight Club, Fireball Frenzy, Thunder Run Rancing, Battle Events and Fishing), though some Minigames like Underwater Sections are located in wide, open areas.

What makes the Minigames important is how crucial they are: Minigames is home to one of the most common ways to gather Experience Points and Coins, and to an extent, Gems. Without the Minigames, leveling up and advancing through the game would've been impossible. Though the Minigames do have their own problems, most of them have a very low reward with the msot notorious being Fireball Frenzy, or have a certain requirement to be able to play them properly (for example, Battle Events is best to play with an adult dragon and always with MMO on).

Types of MinigamesEdit

List of MinigamesEdit

Non-Member Minigames: Location Specific Berk (BlacksmithLoki's Maze) • The School (Alchemy Adventure † • Science Experiments) • Stables (Stable Missions) • The Lookout (Job BoardThe Farm) • Training Grounds (Battle EventsBull's-Eye Lagoon † • Fireball FrenzyFlight ClubThunder Run Racing)
Other Eel RoastFishing
Expansion only:
The Secret of Leviathan CogsIncredible Machine
Rise of Stormheart Dragon Tactics
Other: Underwater Sections
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