We need to make sure to treat the fish with respect so that we can continue to rely on them for food for generations to come!
  — Mulch [src]  

Mulch is a character first introduced in the series Dragons: Riders of Berk, and in the game as in the series he is a fisherman, together with Bucket

Description Edit

Mulch is a middle aged Viking, quite short and chubby. He has long, ruffled, golden brown hair and facial hair, with his hair reaching below the shoulder and his beard reaching mid-chest. he has thick eyebrows, almond shaped brown eyes, and a big round nose. As his friend Bucket, he lost his right hand and wears a hook in its place. He is also missing his left leg, and wears a wooden one.

He wears a conical metal helmet, with two pairs of horns, the first one long and thin, coming out horizontally on both sides, with a curved tip; the second one small, more like fangs, coming out diagonally just above the first pair.

He wears a green sleeveless tunic, with a scaled short top on top of it, red and brown striped pants, with a simple thin leather belt with an oval metallic buckle. His bracers are made of separate leather strips, and his boot is of brown leather, with a furry leg.

Personality Edit

Mulch has a head-leveled and responsible personality [src].

He takes care of Bucket [src], preparing him snacks [src], He especially is there when he's afraid of something, trying to explain complicated things to him in an easy way [src] [src].

He wants to protect Berk's traditions, and share them with new students [src].

History Edit

Mulch has been a fisherman for a long age, and he's an expert of stars [src] and currents [src] [src].

Locations Edit

Mulch can be found:

  • at the School, by the fresh water lake
  • at New Berk, by the fresh water lake too

In the Game Edit

Like Bucket, Mulch is involved in many quests about fishing (Fishing for the Ages, Mulch's Sinking Adventure, Learn About the Food Chain, Just for the Halibut, The Wide, Open Sea). However, after the removal of Stoick from the game, many of his dialogues were assigned to Mulch, among other NPCs, probably for his responsible and head-leveled personality.

Relationships Edit

Bucket Edit

Bucket is Mulch's fishing partner, but also a friend. Mulch is protective towards him since his accident, and he is the one that usually tries to calm Bucket down when his head hurts due to a storm or other event [src]. However, when Mulch falls in trouble, it's Bucket the one to save the day [src]

Whip and Lash Edit

It's Bucket's and Mulch's Zippleback. Coming from the TV series, it's not mentioned much in the game. Its main role is to help rescue the fishermen from the dangers of the open sea [src] [src].

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