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Bucket: "Oh thank Thor ou are here! Mulch is out at sea and he's never this late getting back. I'm worried about him. I even took a look through that strange glass bucket-- the telescope-- but so far I haven't seen a thing. Please, fly out to sea and find him."

1- Look for Mulch's Boat out at sea in Berk

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Mulch: "You're just in time! My boat has a few cracks in its hull, the poor girl, and she's taking on a lot of water. I'm bailing water out as fast as I can, but I can't keep this up much longer!

I need something to seal the cracks before my boat sinks to the bottom of the ocean. Hurry! Go back to Bucket and tell him what I need."

2- Ask Bucket for help

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Bucket: "Oh no! We need to help right away! What can we do... how about a bucket?

Wait, that won't work. We need something hard and tough to plug up the holes. Maybe these rocks will work?"

Item: 1 Pile of Rocks

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Bucket: "Mulch always tells me my bucket is hard and that I have weird ideas, but we'll never know for sure what will work unless we try, right? It's experimentation! Wow, that's a big word for me. Mulch would be so proud.

Can you talk to Heather by the Lab? She'll know if my idea will work. "

3- Ask Heather about the rocks at the school

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Heather: "I know Bucket wants to help, but those rocks won't do the job! Rocks don't have the properties we need to fix the cracks on Mulch's boat.

All materials have multiple properties, or characteristics. Some of these properties include strength (the ability to hold a load without breaking apart), elasticity (the ability to return to its original shape and size after being deformed), absorbency (its ability to soak in liquids), and many more.

We need to find a material-- or a combination of materials.. that could have the properties that can be used to fix Mulch's boat.

Still, he is right about experimentation. There is still a chance that it could work... a very small chance. I have an idea that might increase that chance!

We can use tar to make the rocks more useful for sealing the cracks in Mulch's boat! It's a thick black liquid that can help make things waterproof, or proteced against water. Tar is made when organic fuels like wood and coal are heated to a very high temperature without any oxygen.

It's created underground and seeps through pores in the earth's surface. There used to be a boiling tar pit within the Hatchery. Can you gather 5 tar samples there? "

4- Gather 5 Tar Residue from around the hatching pool

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Heather: "That was quick work!

Coating the rocks with tar might make a waterproof solution to the leak. Might. Come back to me and give me the rocks and the tar!"

5- Take the rocks and the 5 Tar Residues to Heather in the School

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Heather: "If we coat the rocks with the tar, the rocks will become waterproof. You see, waterproof materials have the property of low absorbency (it doesn't let water enter). This means that the rocks are safe from the destructive effects of water and dampness."

Item: 1 Pile of Tar Covered Rocks

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Heather: "There! This should help a lot more than the rocks by themselves. Can you get them to Mulch as soon as you can? I'll find Whip and Lash and follow you there just in case you need more help!"

6- Get the Tar covered rocks to Mulch in Berk

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Mulch: "Rocks? I don't think I would have thought of it-- or tar-- but I'm willing try anything to save my boat! Here goes nothing..."


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Mulch: "Holy yak's milk! The rocks shattered when I tried to force them into the cracks! These rocks were waterproof, but we need something more malleable to seal this crack. Malleable materials deform under pressure rather than shattering.

Oh, blast my big bushy beard! I won't let my boat sink, [yur Viking's name]! Can you signal Heather?"

7- Click on Heather to rescue Mulch

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Heather: "We need more time to find the solution, Mulch. We brought Whip and Lash to help out! Let's pull your ship onto this sea stack so that it doesn't sink while we fix the cracks."

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Mulch: "Excellent suggestion, Heather!

My heartfelt thanks for your timely rescue, [your Viking's name]! I'll rely on your help again when it comes time to fixing my boat."

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