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Heather: "I'm glad you're back, [your viking's name]. Mulch refuses to give up on his sinking boat. He wants to go back to seal the cracks but those tar-covered rocks were too hard. When we tried hammering them in, they didn't fit and they shattered.

We should find something more malleable (the ability to be shaped, hammered or pressed). The material needs to be able to bend and twist to fit the cracks in the boat to form a seal.

Speak with Bucket and see if he has a better idea for a material."

1-Speak with Bucket

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Bucket: "I don't want Mulch to sink! Sorry, I meant the boat... and him too. What can we do to fix this? "

Item: 1 Bucket's Favorite Shirt

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Bucket: "All I have left is my favorite hemp shirt. It's not waterproof but it is flexible. Maybe it'll help stop the leak? Please take it to Heather. "

2-Give Bucket's Favorite Shirt to Heather

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Heather: "I appreciate the thought but I'm not sure a shirt will be... Wait a minute. This shirt is made out of hemp!

Hemp is very absorbent and can easily be pushed into the crack to stop the leak if it's chopped up. Hemp fibers are strong as well as durable. They do not mildew and are used to make ropes, sacks and strong fabrics. What if we refine this hemp and mix it with waterproof tar to make oakum?

Eureka! Oakum is a malleable and waterproof material that wold caulk Mulch's boat. Bucket came up with half of a really good idea. Let's fill in the rest. Here, I've placed this hemp shirt on the ground. Use your axe to chop it down to its fibers."

3-Chop Bucket's Shirt and gather 3 Hemp Fibers

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Heather: "Well done, [your viking's name]!

I still have some tar left over from last time. Bring me the hemp fibers and let's get cracking!"

4-Give the 3 Hemp Fibers to Heather

Pile of Hemp Fiber

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Heather: "Thanks! Time is running out so we'll have to be quick... We just need to dry up the oakum a it and it'll be good to go."

Item: 3 Oakum


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Heather: "THere you are. We need to get this oakum to Mulch's boat as soon as possible. Go find it as fast as you can."

5-Find Mulch's Boat near the Sea Stack in Berk

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Bucket: "[Your viking's name]! Thank Odin, you're here. Mulch was so exhausted bailing out water that he keeled over and the keel of the boat is almost keeling over too!

You chopped up my favourite shirt? I'll miss it but I'm so glad it helped you make a new idea! We're going down fast. Click on the 3 holes to seal them with that strange mix you made. Hurry!"

6-Click on the 3 holes to seal them

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Bucket: "Wow, it's working! It's working!

Mulch, wake up... my shirt saved our sinking boat! [Your viking's name], could you click on Mulch over there and tell him how you fixed his boat?"

7-Talk to Mulch

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Mulch: "Where am I? My boat is still above water? Bucket and [your viking's name], I'm so impressed with the pair of you.

Who'd have thought hemp and tar would've been the right combination? Our boat has a strong and durable seal, now. Let's set sail for Berk in our newly caulked boat. This story needs to be told to all our Viking friends back home! Steady as she goes, Bucket! Berk ahoy!"

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