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Heather: "Hi there, [your Viking's name]! I was by the telescope earlier and I noticed that the gears on th swivel mount have started to rust. We need to replace it with something. better and I think I know what will do the job!

Now, normally we go to Hiccup to invent stuff but, this time, Fishlegs and Meatlug might have stumbled upon a solution! Fishlegs claims that they found a new type of metal. Will you go talk to him and learn more?"

1- Talk to Fishlegs about Gronckle Iron

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Fishlegs: "Oh, oh - did Heather tell you about 'Gronckle Iron?' I'm so proud of my girl Meatlug. Not only is she the cuddliest dragon, she's also able to turn the minerals in certain rocks into this new metal with amazing properties!

Gronckle Iron is really lightweight, incredibly strong, and like most metals, easily formed into shapes! Meatlug created the Gronckle Iron by swallowing rocks and melting them in her stomach - just like Gobber might do with scrap metal in his forge!"

[clip from the Defenders of Berk series]

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Fishlegs: "All the items made out of Gronckle Iron are amazing, but my favorite is the one Hiccup invented. It's an ornate shield that has a secret weapon inside! You should go talk to him and learn more about it."

2- Talk to Hiccup about the Gronckle Iron shield

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Hiccup: "Hey, [your Viking's name]! Yeah, I love my new shield, but there's no way I would have been able to make it without the special properties of Gronckle Iron."

[clip from the Defenders of Berk series]

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Hiccup: "My new shield turns into a crossbow so you can use it for both defense and offense. It's light but still really strong, thanks to the Gronckle Iron. here, you can test it out yourself. Take a run through Fireball Frenzy with my shield."

3- Play the Crossbow level in Fireball Frenzy

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Hiccup: "I had the idea for the shield for a long time, but I couldn't make it with the other metals we had around Berk. It would be either too heavy or too weak. Thanks to Gronckle Iron, my shield doesn't have either problem.

There is one problem with Gronckle Iron, though: we don't have enough of it! Can you help Fishlegs create some more?"

4- Talk to Fishlegs about Gronckle Iron

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Fishlegs: "Umm... Well... you see, I wans't really paying attention to what kind of rocks Meatlug was eating, so I don't know which minerals turn into Gronckle Iron. It was an emotional time for us!"

[clip from the Defenders of Berk series]

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Fishlegs: "Maybe we can figure it out with some help. Go talk to Heather by the lab!"

5- Talk to Heather about Gronckle Iron

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Heather: "I think I have an idea why Meatlug was able to create Gronckle Iron. I don't know exactly what the ingredients are, but there are some really interesting things happening inside Fishlegs's favorite dragon's stomach!

Come on! I'll show you what I mean in the lab."

Lab 1 - Fill the bowl with water, use ice, and then heat the bowl.

Mysteries of gronckle iron lab

You can apply heat to something to change its form. Try filling the basin with water and then filling it with ice.
The water froze to ice! Now try heating the ice with Meatlug's fire blast.
See? The ice melted back to water! The substance never changed, but its state changed. If the substance would have changed, it would have been a chemical change.
Lab 2 - Feed Meatlug Firewood, then use the Feather tool on Meatlug
Chemical changes are not reversible. Sometimes when you apply heat, you will get a reaction that creates something completely new.
Now it's not her favorite meal, but feed Meatlug some firewood. Grab it from the menu and drop it in her mouth!
You can see what's in Meatlug's belly! Now, you'll need to get it out of her. Use the Feather tool in the toolbox and drag the feather along Meatlug.
It turned into something completely different! Now that wood is ash. Try cooling the ash with ice.
It won't turn back into firewood. This permanent 'one-way' change is called a chemical process. A chemical reaction occurred when you burned the wood.
It created new substances, which we see in the form of smoke and ash!
Lab 3 - Feed Meatlug Dough, then use the Feather tool on Meatlug
Whoa, I didn't expected that. Dough turned into bread through a chemical process!
Lab 4 - Feed Meatlug Gold, use the Feather tool on Meatlug, then cool the bowl with ice.
It melted into liquid gold! Try cooling the liquid with ice.
It turned back into gold! The heat only changed the state of matter of gold and didn't change its chemical state.

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Heather: "We can do an experiment to find out what we need for Gronckle Iron! Can you help me gather a bunch of different minerals? We can feed them all to Meatlug and see if we can make more Gronckle Iron. Can you find 4 pieces of sandstone, 4 pieces of iron, and 4 pieces of "mysterious black rock"?

I know, I know, "mysterious black rock" sounds a little vague, but it's way better than the name Snotlout came up for it - "spooky-nighttime-with-no-stars-or-moon stone!" You'll find these rocks in Berk and in the wilderness. "

6- Find Mystery Black Rock in Berk (4)

7- Find Iron in the Wilderness (4)

8- Collect Sandstone in the Wilderness (4)

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Fishlegs: "Let's make some Gronckle Iron! Talk to Heather by the lab and choose a hypothesis so she can help you conduct the experiment. Meatlug will meet you in the lab! She's such a helpful dragon."

9- Talk to Heather

Mysteries of gronckle iron hyp1

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Heather: "That's a great hypothesis! Let's test it out in the lab!"

Lab 1 - Feed Meatlug Mystery Black Rock, use the Feather tool on Meatlug, then cool the bowl with ice.

Lab 2 - Feed Meatlug Iron, use the Feather tool on Meatlug, then cool the bowl with ice.

Lab 3 - Feed Meatlug Sandstone, use the Feather tool on Meatlug, then cool the bowl with ice.

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Heather: "Will you answer a quick question about what we covered?"

10- Talk to Heather and take her test

Mysteries of gronckle iron quiz

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Heather: "Uh oh, we're having no luck with these rocks. We haven't been able to make Gronckle Iron at all, but don't worry! It just means we need to try again with another hypothesis.

On another note, it looks like you made something new with sandstone, [your Viking's name]! It looks really fragile, but maybe Hiccup can make something out of it. Will you take it to him?"

11- Give the glass to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "Huh. Fascinating! This looks way better than the glass we Vikings usually make on Berk. It doesn't have any of the usual scratches or imperfections. This could be really useful!"

[clip from the Defenders of Berk series]

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Hiccup: "I'm getting excited about this new glass that you've created - the practical applications are limitless! Since it's so clear, I bet we could create a really large telescope to see farther than we ever have before! Maybe we could even use it to see the secrets of the night sky...

Enough daydreaming! I'll need your help to get there. Can you gather some more sandstone for me? Let's get enough to make a giant glass lens. Six more rocks should be a good start!"

12- Collect more sandstone at the Wilderness (6)

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Hiccup: "Great! Thanks [your Viking's name]. We can make some useful things with this glass!

Oh, what am I doing? I forgot you were asking for help with Gronckle Iron. Sorry [your Viking's name], I got too excited about the chemical process. Let's brainstorm for more ideas. From what I remember, Fishlegs said that he fed Meatlug a whole bunch of rocks.

Maybe it's a combination of rocks that will do the trick, not just one rock. If these rocks melted together, the chemical process could turn it into something new. It's worth a try, right? Talk to Heather and revise your hypothesis with this new information."

13- Talk to Heather and form a hypothesis

Mysteries of gronckle iron hyp2

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Heather: "I think that's a great idea! I hope it works out. Go into the lab when you're ready to start."

Lab 1 - Feed Meatlug Mystery Black Rock and Iron, use the Feather tool on Meatlug, then cool the bowl with ice.

Lab 2 - Feed Meatlug Mystery Black Rock and Sandstone, use the Feather tool on Meatlug, then cool the bowl with ice.

Lab 3 - Feed Meatlug Sandstone and Iron, use the Feather tool on Meatlug, then cool the bowl with ice.

Lab 4 - Feed Meatlug Mystery Black Rock, Iron and Sandstone, use the Feather tool on Meatlug, then cool the bowl with ice.

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Heather: "You proved your hypothesis to be true/false. Applying heat caused an irreversible change and produced something completely different. In this case, it turned into a stronger metal! Gronckle Iron is a mixture of two or more metals, or an alloy. An alloy is often harder than normal metals!

Now, can you take the items you made to Gobber? He'll help you make the new mount for the telescope."

14- Give Gronckle Iron to Gobber

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Gobber: "A mount? Aye, that's a simple job! Give me one second and I'll finish it faster than a sock-stealing troll!"

[clip from the Defenders of Berk series]

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Gobber: "If we have more Gronckle Iron, we can use the strong metal to create new inventions. Hey, we can even make some of our current tools better just by improving the quality of the metal! I just wish we had more "mysterious black rock." We'll need a lot of it to make more Gronckle Iron.

Hiccup is going to take the mount to the school. Meet him there, [your Viking's name]!"

15- Meet Hiccup by the telescope

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Hiccup: "Hey! This thing looks great!

Thanks to your help, [your viking's name], the telescop is now better than ever! Why don't you take a look through it? You've earned it!"

16- Click on the telescope  [you must view the silver shield at the bottom right of the greenhouse through the telescope]

Hiccup icon

Hiccup: "Was that a Berserker shield? If Dagur is snooping around the School of Dragons, we might have a problem. Thanks. I'll talk to my dad about this."

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