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Snotlout: "[your Viking name]! I have a problem. I let out my dad Spitelout's shoes overnight, like I do every week. (If I don't do it, the whole house reeks within a few days!) But they were gone when I came out in the morning! Can you talk to the others and see if there are any more missing boots in the village?"

[steps 1-4 can be done in any order]
1- Talk to Astrid about missing boots

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Astrid: "It's the oddest thing! I let out my parents' boots to air overnight but they disappeared. I already checked and the twins aren't behind it. No one better be pulling a prank on me!"

2- Talk to Hiccup about missing boots

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Hiccup: "Hmm... My boot is where it belongs - on my right foot! I'll keep an eye out for any other strange doings."

3- Talk to Ruffnut about the boots

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Ruffnut: "We found our boots just fine. I didn't take any boots either. I know, I know. It was a perfect opportunity for a prank, but trust me. You don't want to get anywhere near those stinky boots!"

4- Talk to Fishlegs about missing boots

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Fishlegs: "I'm in so much trouble if I can't find my mother's boots! Where could they have gone? I spilled some stew on it last night, too, so I need to find them and clean them."

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Astrid: "It's our duty as dragon trainers to get to the bottom of this mystery! Search Berk for a sign of the boots, then come back to me when you've found the boots. If you can't find them, come back and tell me."

5- Look for the boots and then talk to Astrid
[Note: You don't need to legit look around for them since it's supposed to not have any physical signs of them, you can simply accept and then click Astrid again to continue the quest]

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Astrid: "No sign of these boots, huh? Where could these things be?

I wonder if someone took the boots over to the school. Would you fly over and look for the boots there?"

6- Look for the missing boots at the school

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Astrid: "There! Those are my father's boots! Are those... bite marks?

This is a great clue! I wonder if where these tracks lead. We might even be able to find the missing boots. Will you follow them and try to find the culprit? I'll come over to help out!"

7- Follow the tracks

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Astrid: "A wild Deadly Nadder! Be careful. It looks like she's trying to protect her baby so we don't want to startle her.

Let me handle this one, [your Viking's name]. I'm pretty good with Deadly Nadders! Can you help me out by bringing me some chicken eggs? That will help sooth these wild animals so that we can approach them."

8- Bring Astrid 6 chicken eggs

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Astrid: "Thank you! This will definitely help out. You can grab the boots for Fishlegs and Snotlout. They're against the wall in the cave! I think the Deadly Nadder thought it had food for her baby, but the baby Nadder didn't eat it."

9- Gather the boots in the cave

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Astrid: "Will you return the boots to Fishlegs and Snotlout? I'll make sure these dragons are okay. Thanks, [your Viking's name]!"

10- Bring Fishlegs the missing boots

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Fishlegs: "Wow! A dragon took the boots? That's really interesting. I wonder what else I can learn about these wild dragons..."

11- Return the boots to Snotlout

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Snotlout: "You got my father's boots back! Wow, thanks. I mean, I could have done it myself if I had the time, but I'm so busy with things to complete for the school... Thanks."


  • A minor one, the tree blocking the entrace to the Deadly Nadders doesn't have a texture.
Untextured tree
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