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New berk gen

New Berk is a Starter location added in February 21st, 2019, as part of v3.0.0 - Hidden World Update. After the events of the 3rd film installment, New Berk becomes a new home for all the residents from Old Berk including a whole new look for The Great Hall, a new entrance for the Stables and Loki's Maze, a new explorable look for the Blacksmith and the new location for old Berk's Store hut. The location is also introduced in The Stormheart Conundrum from The Hidden World Expansion.


New Berk is an tall, large island with a high height separating the caldera-like land from the sea, the frontal slopes are scarped with multiple waterfalls coming from the main lake of the inner island.
New berk hill 2
New berk hill 1

Within the inner island, it follows the same layout of The Lookout, the main island is a large, stacked island with multiple scarped edges and ridges, featuring a "divided" layout: both sides of the island feature two tall slopes, with the right side being much taller scarped, and the left side being more smoother due to being home of Hiccup and Astrid's house and The Great Hall. Players will always spawn right in the center of the main land, which contains a small water basin, the Stables entrance, both the riders' houses (Snotlout's house, Ruffnut's house, Tuffnut's house and Fishlegs's house), a Job Board located besides Astrid's right side, and the Blacksmith with its all new desgisn and explorative inside; from the water basin, a set of paths extend to the whole island and serve as a visual guide on how to get back to the center of the island via some of the paths.

New berk main hill 1
Similiar to Old Berk, Hiccup and Astrid's house and The Great Hall are both located on the tallest spot to be in everyone's sight, with a smooth scarp in between both buildings and a wooden pathway that connects both buildings, in the center of the wooden path, Valka and Cloudjumper are standing on the far right of Hiccup and Astrid's house; the major difference is how the Great Hall no longer is a house built inside a mountain,
New berk main hill 3
New berk main hill 2
the Great Hall is now a high, elongated, colorful building with wooden busts homaging the main riders' dragons - Hiccup and Astrid now lives in one house and just like the Great Hall, it's also very colorful and contains busts of the main riders' dragons, though, unlike the Great Hall, their house doesn't have a sub-location, therefore touching the door won't teleport you to anywhere else. The Store Hut is located on the very first scarped path when players climb upwards to talk to Hiccup.
New berk hill 3

Underneath the main island is a wide variety of sea archs and two sea caves in form of tunnels for players to fly around and use them as an obstacle course to later having less of a hard time avoiding hitting walls during a race, they can be accessed by following the paths that leads to the multiple graded shorelines or by simply fall into the swimmable freshwater lake, though manually returning back to the center of the island can be ticky as some paths don't lead to the center.

Fishing SpotsEdit

New Berk kept the major two fishing spots from Old Berk while also containing a whole new spot for players to fish.

  • A freshwater spot is located to the right side of the Stables entrance, folow the wooden path and you will see Mulch standing by it;
  • A freshwater spot is located right behind the large scarped slope, on the bottom lake below the main land;
  • A saltwater spot is located in the ocean, on the far bottom right of all the waterfalls;

In-Game DetailsEdit

Ways of AccessEdit

  • By clicking on "New Berk" in the World Map

Characters present in this locationEdit


  • March 1st, 2019 Patch: Snotlout's hut was added.
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