The Night Fury is a Strike Class dragon released in May 6th, 2014 as part of v7.1 and the 1st dragon not available at the Store.

In order to receive the presumably only living Night Fury, Toothless, players need to purchase a 3 months or higher Membership or the Trial Membership, and have an open slot for him. The Membership has to be active in order to have a constant access to him, with exception to anyone who purchased Membership before October 16th, 2014 are allowed permanent access to him. Even after the Membership ended, Toothless will still take up a Stable slot.

In v1.21, April 24th, 2016, members with an active 6 months or higher will receive Toothless' Alpha Look skin, based on How To Train Your Dragon 2's Alpha Toothless scene. Upon equipping Toothless with it, it will upgrade the stats similar as to a Titan dragon. In v3.0.0, February 21st, 2019, the Light Fury joins Toothless in becoming the 2nd dragon to be Membership exclusive.


From the School of Dragons Game Guide:

"Toothless is a Night Fury dragon, one of the most mysterious species of Dragons that exist. In the Journal of Dragons, he is placed in what is known as the Strike Class.
Physically, he is of medium sized build with jet black scales covering his body. Hiccup gives him the name Toothless because of his retractable teeth. Rather than breath fire like most dragons, Toothless is able to shoot plasma. He is also extremely agile and uses his speed and coloring to hide from the Vikings in the night sky. He has the ability to ‘Dive Bomb’, which involves diving from great heights, gaining tremendous speed at a downwards angle, and shooting his plasma bolts.
Toothless is very headstrong – while he will listen to Hiccup some of the time, he is inclined to do what he wants, when he wants. He is also observed to be playful and active, often observing what Hiccup does and mimicking him."

For more information on the Night Fury, visit here.

Alpha ToothlessEdit

Differences Alpha Toothless Titan Dragon
Boosts Base Damage? Checkship trans Checkship trans
Can change appearance? Checkship trans Checkship trans
Can be reverted? Checkship trans X
Increases percentage in Stable Missions? X Checkship trans
Boosts Dragon Energy? X Checkship trans
Booosts Battle Health? X Checkship trans
Toothless alpha look

By buying a 6 months or higher Membership, players are rewarded the Toothless Alpha Look which was based on following events of How to Train your Dragon 2 where Toothless unveils his dominance display against Drago's Bewilderbeast. The Toothless Alpha Look is a skin similar to the Hero Dragon skins, the Alpha Look darkens Toothless and adds a navy blue glow on the spine, nostrils and mouth with extra scales on the nubs and limbs, the dorsal spikes also change to the secondary "flaps" mechanism which involve the spines "divide" in two leathery fins. The skin has the similar attributes of a Titan dragon though with some minor differences: The Alpha Look will only boost the Base Damage as well as give an revertible change of appearance, unlike the Titan Stage which also increases the Battle Health, Dragon Energy and increases the Stable Missions percentage in most of the missions.

Alpha tooth skin counterpart

The Racing Stripes available for both Normal Toothless and Alpha Toothless

The Skin however is somewhat unique, because the Alpha Look can only be achieved by requiring Toothless wearing the Toothless Alpha Look skin, the 6 month of higher Membership will also unlock extra version of the available skins to allow Toothless wearing the other skins without removing the Alpha skin. But no matter what the player does, entering Hidden World Annex will overwrite the Alpha skin and temporarily remove it, implying the Alpha doesn't have an Alpha edition with the Bioluminescent Patterns, though, players can apply the Blue Algae Glow with the Alpha skin.

The Alpha Toothless Ugly Snoggletog Sweater might've been released by accident to all players as the Alpha Toothless skin counterparts should only appear when the player has 6 months or higher Membership, because of this, players who bought the skin were granted with a "free" Alpha Toothless as the Alpha Toothless skins still keep the Alpha boosting attributes.

In Quests Edit

Return to Dragon Island Edit

Quest: Fire It Up! Edit

An experiment with the spectrometer reveals that Toothless fire is made out of acetylene and oxygen. Acetylene is a very powerful fuel that burns at an extremely high temperature.


  • 8/8/13, v2.0: Night Fury flying animations updated;
  • Toothless has his own animation but shares it with many other dragons;
  • 5/24/16, v1.21: Alpha Glow for Toothless was introduced, it's an exclusive for 6 months and 1 year members. It's a special skin that can be equipped on Toothless;
  • 8/25/17, v2.8: Night Fury hovering animation was added.


  • Toothless' Model is one of the most used models in-game, which results in some "long-necked" dragons (like the Sliquifier and the Grapple Grounder) to have a wonky animation;
  • Players have expectations that the blue egg that was going to hatch at the end of Return to Dragon Island will be a Night Fury, due the Egg's colors and look, and due Hiccup's final phrase: "This... changes everything.";
  • For unknown reasons, the Night Fury has a customization screen but, you can't rename him nor color him;
  • The Night Fury is the only dragon with a different way of reaching titan stage, instead of needing Titan Runes, members with 6 months or higher have a special skin that can be equipped on Toothless;
  • The Night Fury is also the only dragon with the Leader skill.

Level Attack Power Fire Power Healing Power Health
1 8 7 6 140
2 15 15 12 180
3 23 22 18 220
4 30 30 24 260
5 38 37 30 300
6 45 45 36 340
7 53 52 42 380
8 60 60 48 420
9 68 67 54 460
10 75 74 60 500
11 83 81 66 540
12 90 89 72 580
13 98 78 620
14 105 84 660
15 113 90 700
16 120 96 740
17 128 102 780
18 135 108 820
19 143 114 860
20 150 120 900
21 158 126 940
22 165 163 132 980
23 173 138 1020
24 180 178 144 1060
25 188 150 1100
26 195 192 156 1140
27 203 200 162 1180
28 210 168 1220
29 218 174 1260
30 225 180 1300
31 233 229 186 1340
32 240 237 192 1380
33 248 244 198 1420
34 255 252 204 1460
35 263 259 210 1500
36 270 266 216 1540
37 278 274 222 1580
38 285 281 228 1620
39 293 289 234 1660
40 300 296 240 1700
41 308 303 246 1740
42 315 311 252 1780
43 323 318 258 1820
44 330 326 264 1860
45 338 333 270 1900
47 353 348 282 1980
48 360 355 288 2020
50 375 370 300 2100

Broad icon AdulthoodEdit

Titan icon AlphaEdit

The hidden world icon Bioluminescent PatternsEdit

Racing StripesEdit

Hero Racing PaintEdit

Racing ColorsEdit

Class PaintEdit

Dreadfall SkinEdit

Vivid Dreadfall SkinEdit

Ugly Sweater Skin (Normal)Edit

Ugly Sweater Skin (Alpha)Edit

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