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Hiccup: "Hey [your Viking's name]! The Archaeologist asked me to tell you to stop by Mudraker Island. I'm not sure what it's about, but he said that only you would be able to help him.

I hope you aren't secretely training cool dragons without me! Ha ha. "

1- Talk to the Archaeologist at Mudraker Island

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Archaeologist: "The Mudraker is still being playful. he hasn't calmed down at all, even though I've been throwing sticks for him. His latest "fun" stunt is to grab my shoes and toss them in the mud. I've lost quite a few tools to these deep muddy swamps.

I wonder if the dragon just has too much energy and is falling into mischief because it has no one else to play with. To appropriate an old phrase, idle "claws" are Loki's playthings.

I don't know. Perhaps this is the price of having the Mudraker as a friend.

I'm too embarassed to bother Hiccup or Astrid with this. Would you go to thee School and ask Heather for her advice? She generally has some good ideas."

2- Talk to Heather at the school

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Heather: "What an interesting dilemma! Some dragons are more mischievous than others. Perhaps the Archaeologist made a cheeky friend. That said, it's worth testing his hypothesis to see if having a friend will make the Mudraker calm down!"

[the following dialogue presents this note on a side

Editor's note: These thrilling adventures took place in Call of the Death Song!]

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Heather: "Thunderdrums are Tidal Class dragons that also rely on sonic-based fireballs. Most dragons generate kinetic energy in the form of heat, but both the Mudraker and the Thunderdrum generate energy in the form of sound waves. Maybe the two dragons would be good friends because they're similar dragons!

Thornado helped us against the Death Song... I bet he would be willing to help us again. I saw him at the Ship Graveyard recently. You should try to find him there. "

3- Go to the Ship Graveyard

! icon

!: "The Thunderdrum must be somewhere in this place."

4- Look for Thornado

! icon

!: "You found Bing, Bam, and Boom!

It seems these dragons remember you from the last adventure. That will make this much easier! You should make a connection with the Thunderdrum babies and click on Bing. "

5- Click on Bing

! icon

!: "It worked!

The dragons seeem eager to get started! You should follow them into the air and then lead them to Mudraker Island."

6- Fly into the air after the Thunderdrums

! icon

!: "Click on Bing and lead the dragons to the Mudraker."

7- Click on Bing and lead him to the Mudraker

! icon

!: "You should find the Archaeologist and tell him who you've brought to the island. "

8- Tell the Archaeologist the good news

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Archaeologist: "You brought Muddie new friends! How wonderful! I'm sure Muddie will be calmer, now that he can expend some of his energy with playmates.

Oh dear. Did you hear that? Can you go and find out what it could be? I have a suspicion it might not be the best news..."

9- Find the source of the ruckus

! icon

!: "These Thunderdrums need to calm down, or they will break all of the Archaeologist's stuff! Click on Bing and calm him down."

10- Click on Bing to try to calm him down

! icon

!: "It's no use. The babies are too happy to find a new friend.

You should talk to the Archaeologist. Maybe you should apologize? Did you just make things worse for the poor fellow?"

11- Talk to the Archaeologist

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Archaeologist: "It's nice and lively to have these dragons here! Sure, they might make things... interesting, but I'm sure they'll get tired of creating a ruckus after a little while. After all, they're just baby dragons, and all babies tend to get tired after a while! It's very nice to see Muddie so happy.

Thank you, [your Viking's name]."


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