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Archaeologist: "I was hoping you would come by, friend! I have a favor to ask of you. I've been slowly expanding my excavations on Icestorm Island, and I want to collect some pottery samples.

The Vikings on this island used pots made of clay, a material made by the decomposition of rocks through weathering. It's very elastic so its size or shade can be altered through physical change.

Would you mind finding a pottery sample from the Ice Caves? There are a couple of artifacts not far from the entrance."

1- Investigate the pottery in the Ice Caves

[Item found: 1 Small Pot]

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Archaeologist: "What an interesting set of pots! Look, they're all different shapes and sizes. Once the Vikings finished shaping the clay pot, they had to heat it and begin a chemical change. During that process, the clay becomes stronger and changes color and texture.

Leave the larger pots, [your Viking's name]. They are too big and too fragile to bring back to camp. I'd rather study them where they lie.

Bring me the small pot you foumd, my friend!"

2- Give the small pot to the Archaeologist

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Archaeologist: "Thank you! You've been a huge help. I have been collecting pottery from all over the land and organizing them by their physical characteristics. This process of classifying pottery is called 'ceramic typology.'

Archaeologists use this system to quickly guess when and where the pottery was made. Pottery can also give us clues to the identity of any friends these Vikings may have had. If we find pots from distant cultures within these ruins, we know that these Vikings traded with those cultures.

[Item got: 1 Withered Arctic Willow]

I'm an expert on pottery but I don't know very much about plants! I've beem studying the biofact you found, and I'm still not quite sure what it is.

I've found more of the same plant, so I believe that this plant was important to them. Is there anyone at the School of Dragons who could identify this plant? Perhaps a teacher will know what this is. Go back to the School and ask around!"

3- Give the dried plant to the Botanist

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Phlegma: "That's a very useful plant! It's an Arctic Willow, one of the arctic hare's favorite foods. We can eat it, too. It tastes sweet and is high in Vitamin C. It can help relieve stomachaches or help patch up wounds.

I have a bag of Arctic Willow seeds from Johann that I haven't used yet. You might get some good use out of them!

[Item got: 5 (bags of) Arctic Willow Seeds]

These flowers are much more impressive whem they aren't withered and old. Grow Arctic Willow flowers in your farm and bring me 3 of them."

4- Give the Botanist 3 Arctic willow flowers from your farm

Phlegma icon

Phlegma: "These flowers will help me multiply my supply. Thank you!

I wonder if the Archaeologist remembers me. I was a young Viking when he first left Berk. Go back to Icestorm Island, [your Viking's name], and tell him what you've learned about the Arctic Willow. I'm sure it will help him with his research!"

5- Talk to the Archaeologist

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Archaeologist: "I remember Phlegma; she was a very rambunctious girl! I would love to go back to the School of Dragons one day and see everyone again. It has been a while!

So the Arctic Willow has many useful medicinal properties. Now I understand why the ancient Vikings kept so much of it in storage. I have to record our new findings. Thank you for your help!"

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