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Main Quests are a one-time quest that tells the general plot of the Avatar's arrival to The School and the many adventures and shenanigangs the player had to endure. These are considered as a major necessity to level up in the game as there's over 50+ Main Quests, all with a variety of amount of Experience Points and Coins, these include an Expansion Pack variant whose quests reward ever bigger amounts of Experience Points and Coins, as well as a variety of items, including Dragons.

The following is a list of the basic quests that are available to all Vikings, without the need to purchase membership or expansion packs.

Starting Quests

The New Student
School Lessons
Wilderness Training
Maximum Viking Power!
Learn to Farm
A Thoughtful Gift
Monstrous and Cool
A New Dawn
History of Viking Contraptions
Gathering and Composting
Time for Togetherness
Pop Quiz! Fishing
History of the School
History of Dragons
Relight the Torches
Learn About the Food Chain
Bodies of Water

Dragon at Level 5

Wilderness Training
The New Student
Chocolate in a Bottle
Alchemy Adventure!
Master the Flames
A Mature Dragon
Hiccup’s Tale
Berk Guard: Help Needed!
Master the Air
Home Heating
All the Right Moves
The Missing Viking
Watering Machine
Dwindling Flames - Help!
Highs and Lows
Gronckle Rocks
Hiding in Plain Sight
Shiny New Trophies
Loom and Doom
A Juicy Dilemma
Uh Oh - Illness in Berk!
Dawn of the Dragon Racers
The Very Best Friend!
Case of the Lost Sheep
Tuffnut’s Big Plan
Sky High
Gross, Cool Things
Cleaning solution
Dangerous Drought
Changing Tides
Ruffnut’s Fun Stuff Hour
The Fire of Competition!
Mysteries of Gronckle Iron
Clueless Queries
The Mischief of a Twin
Another Cloudy Day
Batten down the hatches!
Mysteries of Gronckle Iron
The Great 'nut Debate
Prepare for the Big One!
The Wide, Open Sea
Glass as a Spectrum
The Simplest of Machines
Explore the Dark Depths
The Raging Storm
The Splendor of Light
The Monster in the Caves
A Time for Celebration
Help the Boneknapper!
Sentry Point
A Light Dilemma
The Almighty Thor

Dragon at Level 10

A Mature Dragon
The New Student
Dragon Transformation
Let's Get Racing
The Fog Rolled In
Chemistry 101
The Wolves Are Coming!
Scauldron Safari
Danger Is My Middle Name!
Frozen Dragon Water
Fishing for the Ages
The Mysterious Chicken Caper
Saddle Up Viking
Meteors and Buckets
So Very Tired...
Forming the Berk Watch
Hungry Berk
Just for the Halibut
A Sickly Dragon
Botany 101
Wanted: Berk Watch!
Mulch's Sinking Adventure
Scrubbed Clean: Part 2
Gobber's Wheels of Misfortune
Going Berserker!
Mulch's Sinking Adventure: Part 2
Pine Cone Weather Station
A Slick Solution
Carpet Seeding
Paint up a Storm
Back in the Saddle Again p1
Shrinking Sheep!
What a Mess!
Back in the Saddle Again p2
Scrubbed Clean: Part 1
Honey, I Stung Snotlout!
Rumbling Docks and Sundial Clocks

Dragon at Level 11 and 20

The New Student
Dragon Transformation
A Gift for Hiccup
The Mysterious Runestones
For My Son, Hiccup
Mystery of the Purloined Boots
Fill the World With Flowers
The Best of Us
The Unfortunate and the Bold
Meet the Hairy Hooligan Clans

Seasonal / Unavailable

These quests have been removed from the game, usually because they involved a feature that was removed from game. It is unknown if any of these quests will be reintroduced in the future (for example for seasonal Loki's Maze)

The Return of the Dreadfall
That Time of Year, Pt I
Return of the Flightmare
That Time of Year, Part II
Dreadfall's Revenge
That Time of Year, Conclusion
The Festive (Competitive) Spirit
Return of the Dagur
Bringing Family Home
Dangers in the Ice
Those lil Rascals!
Ooh, they're in trouble...
The True Meaning

Go For a Bull’s-Eye

Quest Giver: Ruffnut

Requirements: ???

Previous: ???

Unlocks: none

Details: Try out Hiccup’s new battle arena!

  1. Enter Bull’s-Eye Lagoon

Rewards: 150 Adventurer XP, 35 Coins, 150 Dragon Bonding XP, and 50 UDT Points

Workout Warrior

Quest Giver: Snotlout

Previous: Learn About the Food Chain OR Bodies of Water

Unlocks: none

Details: Snoutlout recruits you for the Snoutlout Fitness Challenge!

  1. Play Flight Club
  2. Go to the lake and catch a fish
  3. Chop 4 pieces of wood in the Wilderness
  4. Run to the highest point in the school (follow the mountain path near the Lookout entrance in the school area)

Rewards: 100 Adventurer XP, 10 Coins, 200 Dragon Bonding XP, and 50 UDT Points

The Mirage of Spring

Quest Giver: Tuffnut

Requirements: Your dragon reaches level 5

Previous: ???

Unlocks: none

Details: Tuffnut has a fun surprise for you

  1. Look on the beach at Berk for Tuffnut's "surprise"
  2. Talk to Hiccup
  3. Go across the bridge to the Loki's Mirage entrance

Rewards: 100 coins, 100 Adventurer XP, 100 Dragon Bonding XP, 50 UDT Points

This quest was introduced on 03/18/2016.

Expansion Packs Quests

The quests that belongs to Expansion Packs are listed in the Expansion's page.

Expansion Packs

Icestorm Icestorm IslandCalldeathsong Call of the Death SongBattleedge Battle for the EdgeReturnisland Return to Dragon Island

Sotl icon Secret of the LeviathanRise 3 Rise of StormheartWrath 3 Wrath of StormheartThe hidden world icon The Hidden World

Coth icon Curse of the Hobgobbler

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