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Archaeologist: "We can return all the Hobgobblers to their nest! Unfortunately, Mudraker doesn't like the idea of heading into that cavern. It will have to be you, brave [your Viking's name], to see this through to the end.
Thorspeed! I have faith that you can do it."

1 - Find the Hobgobbler nest

! icon

!: "Maybe the Archaeologist is on the right track; look at all these Hobgobblers coming together!"

2 - Look at the floating Hobglobber

! icon

!: "That Hobgobbler is using the vent to hover in the air. Your Dragon Armor could do the same thing, using the wings built into the suit...

You should glide down the tunnel in your Hobgobbler Dragon Armor; maybe that will convince the dragons to follow you?"

3- Glide down the tunnel

Need help on this section? Check the Returning_to_the_Nest/Help:_Geyser_Gliding.

4 - Go down the tunnel

! icon

!: "What's going on with that Hobgobbler?"

5 - Look at the Hobgobbler
[Cutscene: Hobgobbler hitting a wall and sits on top of a small geyser, making a platform ascend]

Hob weight

! icon

!: "Interesting! The weight on the pressure plate caused the rock to rise up. You should continue down the tunnel now that the path is clear."

6 - Continue down the tunnel

! icon

!: "You should push Hobgobblers onto the right vents to create a path to the exit."

7 - Push the Hobgobblers onto the right vents and cross the room

Need help on this section? Check the Returning_to_the_Nest/Help:_Platform_Rising.

8 - Exit the room

! icon

!: "What is that coral on that wall?"

9 - Look at the wall

! icon

!: "Hmm...
That looks sturby enough to climb!

You should climb that wall and avoid the dragons to continue into the nest."

10 - Climb up the walls to the exit

Need help on this section, from Step 9 to Step 12? Check the Returning_to_the_Nest/Help:_Climbing_Section.

11 - Climb sideways on the wall

12 - Climb and explore the cave

13 - Climb and explore further

! icon

!: "Oh no! Is this baby Hobgobbler lost? You can't let him get caught by the Speed Stingers! You should click on him and lead him into the maze."

14- Click on the Hobgobbler and lead him into the maze

Need help on this section, from Step 13 to Step 15? Check the Returning_to_the_Nest/Help:_Escorting_Maze.

! icon

!: "There's another one. Perhaps it will follow you. You should click on that Hobgobbler and lead him into the maze!"

15 - Click on the Hobgobbler and lead them through the maze

! icon

!: "Two more?! You should click on the Hobgobblers and lead them through the maze."

Hobgobbler bby follow player

Baby Hobgobblers following the player

16 - Click on the Hobgobbler and lead them through the maze

[At the end of the maze, Cutscene: all four baby Hobgobblers flying away]

17 - Continue into the room

! icon

!: "You should climb to the top!"

18 - Climb to the top of the pillars

Need help on this section, from Step 17 to Step 18? Check the Returning_to_the_Nest/Help:_Final_Room.

! icon

!: "Glide across the room from the top pillar, following the flying hobgobblers [sic]."

19 - Glide to the other side of the room

! icon

!: "This huge rock is blocking the way. Is there a way to get past to the other side?"

20 - Figure out how to get past the rock
[Cutscene: Hobgobblers flying away from the descending rock then flying back into the entrance]

! icon

!: "Where are all the Hobgobblers going? You should follow them."

21 - Follow the Hobgobblers

! icon

!: "What will make these dragons return to their nest? Maybe you should push the gray Hobgobbler into the beam of light."

22 - Push the gray Hobgobbler into the beam of light
[Cutscene: Multiple eyes appearing in the dark holes and some Hobgobblers fly away into said holes]

! icon

!: "Why is this little guy still here? Perhaps he wans to bond with you?
You should click on him."

23 - Click on the Hobgobbler
[Cutscene: Scared and whimpering Smitten Hobgobbler, flies away into the holes]

Hobgobbler nest sad smitten

The whimpering Smitten Hobgobbler before flying away

! icon

!: "You should follow this tunnel. Perhaps it will lead you back out to the Hidden World?"

24 - Follow the path back to the Hidden World

Archaeologist icon

Archaeologist: "Heavens! You're back!

None of the Hobgobblers have left the cavern so I assume that it was a job well done. Can you fill me in on the details?"

25 - Talk to the Archaeologist

Archaeologist icon

Archaeologist: "That sounds majestic. I wish I could have seen it with my own eyes.

Mission accomplished!
(Why does that sound so familiar?)
I shall see you back in New Berk, my friend."

26 - Return to New Berk

Tuffnut icon

Tuffnut: "Yo! Yo! Over here!"

27 - Talk to Tuffnut

Tuffnut icon

Tuffnut: "It's no surprise you were able to do so much, after my concentrated tutelage. It was truly my pleasure."

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