Rise of Stormheart is the sixth expansion pack released in[1] School of Dragons. It was released on August 25th, 2017, as part of version 2.8.0, with a price of 1250 Gems Gems icon trans.

Rise of Stormheart was released somewhat along with the fifth season of Dragons: Race to the Edge, and it serves as a continuation to Secret of The Leviathan.

Originally comprised of 10 quests, an additional quest Defenders of Berk, was added around January 2018.

Basic Plot Edit

The Edge is under attack and Hiccup has placed his trust in Berk’s Dragon Trainers. In turn, they need your help to dive into this mystery and unearth the mastermind behind these recent attacks. The Dragon Trainers will help you when in need, but it will be up to you to get to the bottom of this. Along the journey you will team up with Dagur, who has recently landed in the School grounds. This former adversary of Hiccup, will give you a helping hand during your adventures and will remain by your side. However, it is not just friendly faces who have found their way to the school grounds. Harald has also returned to the archipelago and has brought some friends along with him. You will need to prepare for the challenges ahead, and be ready to come face to face with this mysterious figure like never before!

What You GetEdit

  • 10 new quests (original release) + 1
  • Access to an all new island;
  • A minigame that ties in with the expansion: Dragon Tactics
  • A Triple Stryke egg;
  • 1 Beehive Tree and 1 Beehive as part of a quest.


Rise 3 QuestsEdit

Snod the sneak
Shh! Careful, this may contain spoilers!
The first quest of the expansion, Rumble in the Edge is free for all players.

Rumble in the Edge
What's Going On?
Johann's Secret Mission
Is Harald Our Last Hope?
The Queen of the Sea
Prepare For the Worst
Taking the Offensive
Grimora Solutions
A Welcome Breather
Defenders of Berk


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