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Ruffnut: "Hey [your Viking's name], do you really think you have what it takes to keep up with me? My brother and I are pretty extreme! You'll need to try hard to keep up. I'm going to release chickens around the village. Gather them all up!"

1- Gather the chickens in Berk (10)

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Ruffnut: "Not bad, man. I only have one complaint. You're being too quiet. You need to bring the ruckus!

If there's one thing I'm good at, it's causing trouble. I know that a good dragon fire will catch everyone's attention. I want you to light up a fire pit!"

2- Light a fire pit

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Ruffnut: "Yeah! [Your dragon's name] is so great!

I get all riled up when my dragon does something cool. Then I have to do something fun to burn off that energy. Run to behind the waterfall on the beach in Berk. Don't cheat by flying on your dragon!"

3- Run to the waterfall on Berk

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Ruffnut: "You made it!

Doesn't running around give you such a boost? I always feel so happy after excercising. I love hiding Tuffnut's things and watching him search for them. I placed 10 flags within the wilderness. It'll be a hoot to find them!"

4- Collect 10 flags in the Wilderness

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Ruffnut: "Good eyes!

My typical day ends when I have to go back and do my chores for my parents. You should have to do some chores too. Give me 3 fleeces of white wool and 3 fleeces of black wool?"

5- Deliver 3 white and and 3 black wool to Ruffnut

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Ruffnut: "Hehe, thanks for helping me with my chores. You're much more helpful than my stupid brother."

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