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Headmaster: "Oh dear. There's quite a ruckus going on at Dragon's Edge, and Hiccup is asking for your help to reinforce the base. They'll bring you up to speed when you get to Outpost island. Fly swift and safe!"

1- Find the others at Dragon's Edge [animation]

Hiccup icon

Hiccup: "Good timing, [your Viking's name]. There's a rampaging Triple Stryke on the island and we need to find and stop her right away!

Come to me and I'll brief you on the situation. We're going to need your eyes and ears -- and [your dragon's name]]'s, too."

2- Talk to Hiccup

Hiccup icon

Hiccup: "We were unloading the barrels from the ship when the Triple Stryke landed in the middle of the camp. She started attacking everything in sight! We got everyone clear, and luckily, she left Dragon´s Edge chasing Thor knows what.

The Triple Stryke is an aggressive species but I've never seen one act like this before. Something must be really wrong... We need to help her. Everyone, spread out and search the island She's probably on edge, so keep a good distance if you find her!"

3- Look for the Triple Stryke at Dragon's Edge

Astrid icon

Astrid: "She's still angry... we have our work cut out for us.

Last time we ran into an ornery Triple Stryke, we had to distract him from attacking us. I found out that tapping two Deadly Nadder spines together made a noise that distracted the dragon. Maybe that will work on this dragon too. Hey, it's worth a shot!

Pick up the Deadly Nadder spines!"

4- Pick up the Nadder spikes

Astrid icon

Astrid: "When two spines hit each other, it causes a vibration that carries on to the air molecules surrounding the spines. This vibration is a form of sound energy. The energy and vibrations continue to spread from molecule to molecule in a sound wave until it reaches our ears and then can be heard.

We can take advantage of that. Get closer to the Triple Stryke and click on the button. That will let you get closer and closer to the dragon!"

5- Get closer to the Triple Stryke and use the Nadder spines (2)

Astrid icon

Astrid: "Okay! Sneak forward, reach your hand out, and click on her head. maybe that will calm her down. Remember to avoid sudden movements..."

6- Click on the Triple Stryke [animation]

Astrid icon

Astrid: "That's the opposite of calming down! Ugh. I'll swing back towards Dragon's Edge and make sure everyone is safe. Can you look for the dragon on the other side of the island?"

7- Look for the Triple Stryke

Fishlegs icon

Fishlegs: "You'll going to be all right, Meatlug. Stay with me, girl, and I'll protect you!"


Dagur icon

Dagur: "It looks like I'm just in time, ha ha!

[Your Viking's name]! Sleuther can only intimidate the Triple Stryke for so long. You need to scare her away. Have [your dragon's name] shoot a fireball by the dragon's foot! Shoot fast, shoot strong, but most importantly, don't hit my dragon!"

8- Shoot the ground to scare off the Triple Stryke [animation]

Dagur icon

Dagur: "My boy Sleuther couldn't have done it any better. Great shot!

I'll help Fishlegs get Meatlug back on her feet in fighting shape in no time. Don't worry about her; she's a fighter, just like Shattermaster! Will you go back to Dragon's Edge and tell my brother what happened?"

9- Talk to hiccup at Dragon's Edge

Hiccup icon

Hiccup: "Wow. Dagur! I'm glad you and Meatlug are safe. I've been trying to figure out why she went rogue; wild dragons aren't generally so driven to attack humans, even ones as touchy as the Triple Stryke. We need to get to the bottom of this.

Ah! There's Dagur. I need to talk to Astrid about defensive countermeasures first. Can you talk to Dagur and see why he's here? Maybe we can help him out."

10- Talk to Dagur

Dagur icon

Dagur: "Hey! Sleuther and I have been busy on Berserker Island but I wanted to see how my sister and friends were doing. It ended up being rather dramatic, wouldn't you say? But I suppose it always is. Drama clings to Hiccup like a fashionable cloak! I love it, I love it.

And yes, Hiccup is right about Triple Strykes. Sleuther can get a bit bristly -- especially in the morning -- but this is something entirely new. My hackles are up... I must smell a villain in the area. You and I know what to do with villains, am I right [your Viking's name]?"

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