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Valka: "Have you noticed a plume of black smoke rising from the docks? I left Eret to dragon sit three Rumblehorn hatchlings, but I have a... hunch... that he might need help. Can you check on him?"

1- Check on Eret in Berk

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Eret: "You are Thor-sent, mate! How in the world did one of these rogue Rumblehorns get over there? It's back-breaking work to take care of these little firebrands. Lend a hand, will you? Here!"

Item: 2 woolen Blankets

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Eret: "If we don't put out the fire soon, verything will go up in smoke! We can't use water to douse the flames, or the rations and maps inside will spoil, but I reckon these wool blankets will do the trick.

Fire is a simple chemical reaction between oxygen in the air and a fuel that burns, like wood. It needs both oxygen and fuel to thrive! Wool is a natural fire retardant fiber so it does not burn easily. Placing a fire blanket (the humble wool blanket) on the fire will cut off its oxygen supply and put out the fire!

Here's the plan. I'll make sure the Rumblehorn is distracted. Sneak past the dragon and drop the blankets over the two fires!"

2- Tap on the fire on the wooden barrel

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Eret: "Ah! A smooth sea never did make a skilled sailor like me but you did a fine job there, [your Viking's name]. These Rumblehorn hatchlings are hard locks to crack. I just missed one feeding time and look at all the damage!

There'll be a string of disasters if they aren't fed regularly. These little rascals remind me of Stormfly, that spine-shooting dragon of Astrid's. She pins me down like her favorite toy whenever I'm around, and these guys have the same energy!

Hang on: Rumblehorns and Deadly Nadders are both Tracker class dragons. Maybe Astrid can help us; I saw her train a whole flock of young Nadders to fly in perfect formation once. Can you find her in the Wilderness and ask her if she knows a way out of this mess?"

3- Ask for Astrid's help in the Wilderness

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Astrid: "Poor Eret. Dragon training can be really hectic, especially when babies are involved.

With hungry babies around, you need to be watchful at all times and keep them fed. I remember Fishlegs once built a sundial to keep track of our sentry watch. I bet that's just the thing for Eret and his Rumblehorns.

A sundial is a simple device to keep track of time using the sun's movements. It has two parts. The first part, a gnomon, is a pointer that is fit at the center of the device. It casts a shadow on the marked platform around it.

Let's start out by finding a shadow casting piece. Can you chop off a piece of wood for the gnomon?"

4- Chop and gather a piece of wood

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Astrid: "Great! That'll do perfectly. A sundial tells us the time by measuring the sun's apparent movement. Actually the sun doesn't move at all; it appears to change its position across the sky as the earth rotates about its axis. With this, the shadow cast by the gnomon aligns itself with the markers on the platform to show what time of the day it is.

Do you know why the shadow cast by the gnomon keeps changing its length and position as it moves around the sundial? At noon, the sun is overheard and its light come straight down from the highest point in the sky. That's why it'll cast a short shadow. But in the mornings and evenings, that same shadow gets longer because the sun casts light at a sharper angle.

Stormfly and I will head over to Berk and help Eret out with those hot-headed babies. While I do that, can you find four pine cones to mark the sundial? I'll bring the rest."

5- Gather 4 pine cones for the sundial

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!: "Astrid should be ready in Berk by now. Find the sundial and tap on it to put the pieces together."

6- Tap on the platform to set up the pine cones and gnomon

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Astrid: "It's working like a dream, isn't it? One day it'll save us from invading enemies and the next it'll keep our baby dragons from starting fires."

Item: 3 fish

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Eret: "You're a good one, [your Viking's name]; would you mind helping out a bit more? The shadow tells me it's feeding time already. Step closer, reach out and tap on the three hatchlings one by one to feed them the fish. Remember now, no sudden movements."

7- Tap on the 3 Rumblehorn hatchlings to feed them

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Eret: "You sure look over the moon, little one!"

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Astrid: "There's another calm baby dragon!"

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Eret: "That's better, you rumbly rascal you (I'm referring to the hatchling).

They look heartbreakingly cute when they aren't burning down my boat! Ha ha. I'm sure my old crew wouldn't believe their eyes if they saw me daddy-ing these riotous babies. I can finally breathe easy and cool off.

Thanks, [your Viking's name]. I can't wait for our next adventure! "

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