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Hiccup: "We can ride our dragons for long periods of time. That can get pretty painful for rider and dragon! I've been experimenting on ways to make it comfortable for everyone.

I've thrown out some horrible ideas, but I'm getting closer to the solution! I just need a few more things to perfect it. Will you get me 2 black wool fleeces for padding? You can get them from your farm or from the store."

1- Deliver 2 black wool fleeces to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "All right! This looks like it'd soften the ride for your back end and your dragon both!

I can use this to create a dragon saddle! We'll need to gather more things to make it.

We'll need leather, metal nuts and bolts, some small leather straps and some oil to soften the leather. Help me find them, [Your Viking's Name]!"

2- Collect metal nuts and bolts from Gobber

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Gobber: "Hiccup's making a saddle? I hope he'll be able to do better than I did! These nuts and bolts should fit Hiccup's needs. Here you go, and wish him luck!"

Item: 2 Metal Pieces

3- Collect leather straps from Johann

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Johann the Trader: "Why, I have just the thing! I'll give you these leather straps crafted by the finest tanner in the east. Legend says it came from the hide of a hammerhead yak. It should be more than sufficient for your needs!"

Item: 2 Leather Straps

4- Collect oil from Phlegma

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Phlegma: "You want to soften leather? I have just the thing! I bought some coconut oil from Trader Johann last summer. That will soften the leather and make it smell great, too!"

Item: 1 Oil

5- Collect leather from Snotlout

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Snotlout: "You can have my old blanket. It helped me become the tough, gorgeous warrior I am today but I outgrew it years ago. Um ... be really gentle with my blanky!"

Item: 1 Leather

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Hiccup: "These pieces by themselves don't seem like much, but putting them together makes them amazing. Please bring them back to me."

6- Deliver the saddle parts to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "This is going to change the way we ride dragons! That is, it will if it works this time. I'm sure it will work.

Okay, I'll get to work right away on this. Would you go play Fireball Frenzy for now? I think Snotlout's feeling a bit down, now that he gave us something that holds many of his childhood memories. He could use a friend right now."

7- Play Fireball Frenzy with Snotlout

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Snotlout: "Hey, [Your Viking's Name], I'm glad you swung by! I need to get my competitive blood pumping to get rocking again!"

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Hiccup: "Eureka! The saddles are ready and they are amazing! Dragons fly much faster when they feel comfortable, so they love these saddles!

Go to Johann's trading post and buy one!"

8- Buy a saddle in Johann’s trading post

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Hiccup: "You're going to love this! You need to put it on [Your Dragon's Name] by going into the Dragon Customization tab inside your Journal! Thanks for your help, bud!

[Put a saddle on your dragon]

Ready to test drive this saddle? Fly up to the highest peak above the Dragon's Maw in the Wilderness. It's just a short spring to see how the saddle feels. I can see if there's any adjustments I need to make!"

[note: if your active dragon is already wearing a saddle, step 8 will be skipped and this dialogue automatically triggered]

9- Fly to the top of the mountain in the Wilderness

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Hiccup: "It seems to be a pretty good fit. Thank you [Your Viking's Name], these saddles should be a big hit and I couldn't have created them without your help!"

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