A tutorial for the Adventurer's Journal

Headmaster icon.png

Headmaster: "As you attend the School of Dragons, you will have the option of helping out a lot of other Vikings through quests. You can keep track of all the ones you are handling in your Adventurer's Journal! Click on the book at the top right of your screen to learn more."

1- Open the Adventurer's Journal

Welcome to the Adventurer's Journal! The bookmarks on top show different pages about your Viking, your quests, and your dragon!

Each lesson at the School of Dragons will help you on the path to become an Ultimate Dragon Traine! You earn Ultimate Dragon Trainer points for everything in the game, from fishing to completing quests.

Check the leaderboard and see your progress compared with your fellow Vikings.

Headmaster icon.png

Headmaster: "Now, you'll need to figure out how to move here. You can either use the Map on the top right of your screen or get there directly. Your next lesson is in the Training Grounds! Follow the quest arrow across the bridge to get to the Training Grounds or use the map to get there instantly!"

2- Follow the quest arrow to the Training Grounds

Headmaster icon.png

Headmaster: "Now, Snotlout is an abrasive Viking, but he's hard working and comes through in the clutch. You can listen to what he says. Talk to him!"

3- Talk to Snotlout

Snotlout icon.png

Snotlout: "Ah, the Headmaster has sent you to learn from the best!"

Headmaster icon.png

Headmaster: "You should accept the quests from Snotlout. Whn you are done, follow the arrow and talk to Phlegma at the Lookout!"

4- Follow the quest arrow to the Lookout and talk to Phlegma

Phlegma icon.png

Phlegma: "Hello, [your Viking's name]! I'm Phlegma the Fierce and the Botanist of the School. I'm the expert on the living world. I run the greenhouse and I make sure all our dragons have enough to eat."

Headmaster icon.png

Headmaster: "Phlegma has a quest for you that will teach you about your farm. When you are done, come back to me at the School!"

5- Come back to the Headmaster in the School

Headmaster icon.png

Headmaster: "Dragon Training is tough, but you don't have to do it alone! You can join a Clan to make friends with other students like yourself. Click on the Clan symbol on your screen to open the Clans page."

6- Click on the Clans page

Headmaster icon.png

Headmaster: "Well! I think you are well prepared to continue your journey to become the ultimate dragon trainer. Best of luck, student, and feel free to come to me if you need any help."

History[edit | edit source]

This quest was introduced on October 23th 2016 as part of update 2.3

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