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School general

Welcome to School of dragons!

School v3 outside

School of Dragons or more colloquially known as The School is one of the 5 major locations, home of some and steps of multiple Quests, the starting location of all Expansion Pack quests, where Alchemy Adventure and Lab Quests involving Science Experiments take place, of The Hatchery and home of about 4 entrances to 4 important locations. The School is also the default landing location when opening the game.


The School is a large, wide-open, closed edge of a caldera with an underground beach that connects to the sea, similiar to The Lookout but more closed. The location itself is semi-divided in equals parts, one being the upperground section and the other being the underground section.

School v3 lake 1

Lake and The Wilderness entrance

School v3 entrance 1

The Hatchery and The Lookout entrance

In the upperground section, a group of buildings representing the School itself is located in the center of the caldera, forming an encurved "[", with multiple entrances to The Great Hall.
School v3 lake 2

The Staircase to the beach by the lake

In front of the School, nearby a column is where The Headmaster is located, ready to give Quests and start the Expansion Packs. Behind the School is where the Lab and the Alchemy Adventure minigame, and The Hatchery are both located at, with a wide path in between, to the left of the Lab there's a small cavern entrance that leads to The Wilderness as well as a small lagoon with a freshwater fishing spot.
School v3 beach 1

The left beach

School v3 entrance 2

The entrances to both The Lookout and Training Grounds

School v3 entrance 3

The Store with the underground entrance to the Lookout

At the very end of the ravine, there's a staircase that leads to the beach section that contains a saltwater fishing spot and it often contains 1-2 Mystery Chests. To the right side of the Hatchery, a ramp that leads to The Lookout and a staircase that leads to the Training Grounds is located, to the right side of the Training Grounds is where the Jobs Board and Store are located to the side, below the Store, there's a tunnel that leads to the Lookout. Unlike the left beach, the right beach can only be accessed by falling into it or by flying towards it, though it also contains a saltwater fishing spot.

School v3 beach 2

The right beach

School v3 crack

The caldera crack

In front of the large lagoon and the school, there's a large, thick caldera crack on the wall where players can exit and enter through it, and outside the school, there's a small piece of ice with a saltwater fishing spot. Though the crack is often used as a teleporter for quests like Sentry Point, in moments like those, players can fly outside the caldera or head left to a wide opening in the middle of the top cliffs and go through the cylindrical hole.

School stacks

Pre-v3.0.0 docks and sea stacks

School docks 2

The Geyser Elevator

The School's docks had once a ship that headed to Berk located in a second sea stack, the sea stack had the most noticeable feature of the School: the Geyser Elevator. The Geyser Elevator was once a way to transport the player and their baby/teen dragon to the uppergrounds without having to take the stairs or having to change to a flying dragon. The School's docks was also were Fishlegs was before being moved to The Lookout.

Harald opens annex 1

Harald implementing the bomb

But in v3.0.0 - Hidden World Update, February 21st, 2019, Harald Forkbeard invaded the School and implemented a bomb on top of the Geyser Elevator, Hiccup and Astrid tried to stop Harald but it was too late, the Geyser stops, bringing the platform with the bomb downwards and it explodes, breaking and shattering the Geyser Elevator and bringing a enormous chunk of the underwater grounds with it, creating a chasm.

School exploded

Post-v3.0.0 School with the chasm

School v3 docks

The new School's docks

School v3 chasm size

The size of the chasm

The chasm is a wide, deep, steep-sided hole created by the explosion of the mystery box, it's enormous, almost the side of the School building and as deep as the entire School's underground section. It contains lots of waterfalls due to the lagoon's underwater grounds shattering and taken down the hole, in the very end of the hole, there's a dense cloud of steam fog. In some of the cliffs, there's a tunnel and a cave for players to fly or hamg out in, and while the Geyser Elevator pillar has been completely shattered and taken down, the World Map pillar is still intact, with the edge close to the chasm a bit shattered. This is now permanent and the new look of the School, without any way of going back to original version.

The chasm isn't an ordinary hole, however, players who bought the proper expansion will unveil a whole new world: the Hidden World Annex.

Holiday VariationsEdit

Quest start
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The School is one of the three locations with a holiday variant, Dreadfall (Halloween) and Snoggletog (Christmas) respectively. Both often appear a month ealier as opposed to appear right in the Holiday's month but its switch time is unknown as the holiday variant can stay months despite being out of the Holiday's month.

    Fishing SpotsEdit

    In spite of the giant chasm, the School still contains the 4 main fishing spots.

    • A freshwater spot, it's located on the upperground lake by Mulch;
    • A saltwater spot, it's located on the left beach, by the firepit;
    • A saltwater spot, it's located on the right beach, by the docks;
    • A saltwater spot, it's located on the outside of the caldera, by a piece of ice.

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    Once the sole location in the game, School of Dragons has now lost many of its original buildings as new locations were added to the game. Amongst these locations were Fireball Frenzy, the player's Farm, and The Commons, since relocated to the Training Grounds, The Lookout, and removed from the game, respectively. The School is now home only to the Lab, The Hatchery, The Great Hall, and a few Fishing spots. At v1.9.0, the water is now swimmable and won't respawn players elsewhere in the map.

    • 7/25/13, version 1.03: Johann’s Trading Post added to the School and moved Thunder Run Racing and Flight Club to Training Grounds
    • 9/27/13, version 4.2: Flight boundary on at the School expanded.
    • 15/10/14, version 1.9: School was divided in two new locations, Training Grounds for some of the minigames and The Lookout for farming; ability to swim was implemented.
    • 28/8/18, version 2.13.0: School's water got updated;
    • 21/2/19, version 3.0.0: With the explosion Harald created in the School, it opened the entrance to the Hidden World Annex
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