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This article talks about the School that is a location in the game. For the game itself, see School of Dragons

School general

Welcome to School of dragons!

School of Dragons or more colloquially known as The School is one of the 5 major locations, home of some and steps of multiple Quests, the starting location of all Expansion Pack quests, where Alchemy Adventure and Lab Quests involving Science Experiments take place, of The Hatchery and home of about 4 entrances to 4 important locations. The School is also the default landing location when opening the game.


The School is a large, wide-open, closed edge of a caldera with an underground beach that connects to the sea, similiar to The Lookout but more closed. The location itself is semi-divided in equals parts, one being the upperground section and the other being the underground section.

In the upperground section, a group of buildings representing the School itself is located in the center of the caldera, forming an encurved "[", with multiple entrances to The Great Hall. In front of the School, nearby a column is where The Headmaster is located, ready to give Quests and start the Expansion Packs.

Quest start
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Holiday VariationsEdit

The School is one of the three locations with a holiday variant, Dreadfall (Halloween) and Snoggletog (Christmas) respectively. Both often appear a month ealier as opposed to appear right in the Holiday's month but its switch time is unknown as the holiday variant can stay months despite being out of the Holiday's month.

    Fishing SpotsEdit

    As mentioned before, Berk has two fishing spots:

    • A freshwater spot, it's located on the beach and it's where the waterfall leads to.
    • A saltwater spot, it's located right behind the lake on the shore.

    In-game detailsEdit

    Ways of AccessEdit

    Characters present in this locationEdit


    • 7/25/13, version 1.03: Johann’s Trading Post added to the School;
    • 9/27/13, version 4.2: Flight boundary on at the School expanded.
    • Unknown date and version, major changes made.
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