Science experiments are the School of Dragon's way of incorporating learning and elementary school-level science into the game. In many quests involving science experiments, the player often is confronted by a problem, which must be solved by forming a hypothesis, collecting information and materials, performing an experiment with your dragon, and coming to a solution based on the results of the experiment. The lab is located at the School, the building where Heather always stands at.

The lab empty

The Lab on the inside



Performing a science experiment with Toothless

To complete an experiment, you must follow the steps outlined in the instructions on the bottom of the screen. These steps will often call for the use of tools. The toolbox, located on the bottom left, contains the following instruments:

Lab thermometer
Thermometer used to measure temperature
Lab balance
Balance used to measure mass
Lab time
Hourglass used to measure time

Quest-exclusive instruments:

Lab feather
Feather used to tickle Meatlug's belly in the quest Mysteries of Gronckle Iron and Glass as a Spectrum
Lab ohmmeter
Ohmmeter used to test the resistance of materials in the quest The Almighty Thor

Clicking on the crucible will bring up four more options:

Lab fire
Fire your dragon will breath fire on the bowl, heating the substance inside
Lab ice
Ice this will cool the substance in the bowl
Lab water
Water used to dissolve substances on certain quests
Lab pestle
Pestle this will allow you to mix two substances

Collecting data is done automatically upon clicking the green button after performing a step. A player cannot enter the lab unless it is told to do so in a quest.


O oky

What would happen if you mix Oil with Coal and add Water

  • it is possible to play around with the ingredients after the expreience was done (without leave the Lab) and/or when it's still to be completed. The player could go so far with the "expreience", to the point of literally breaking the result;
    • It's unknown if this has been fixed or not, since they are Lab Missions that are made in such a way that, playing with the ingredients is impossible;
  • If the dragon doesn't have a Fire-based fire (The Skrill and the Death Song are a great example), it will be replaced by Toothless;
    • Strangely enough, dragons like the Scauldron (which has a Water-based fire) won't get replaced by Toothless.
  • In some quests that involve the special ability of specific dragons, you will have a dragon helper different from your own dragon. For example, Meatlug will be the helper dragon for Mysteries of Gronckle Iron, and a Skrill will be the helper dragon for The Almighty Thor

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