The Seashocker is a new, non-playable, dragon that can be encountered in the Wrath of Stormheart expansion pack, specifically in a cutscenes where Nikora Stormheart is seen riding one.


From the How to Train your Dragon Wikia:

"Supremely furtive, Seashockers share attributes with many of the the ocean's most extraordinary creature: the morphology of a Manta Ray, the sonar of a dolphin, and the bioluminescene of a deep dweller.
Similar to Hideous Zipplebacks, the Seashocker also possess two heads. But unlike their airborne cousins, Seashockers only have one thing on their twin heads: predation. If you ever see their dark fins amongst the waves, it's it's already too late for you - the rest of their pod has already moved in to attack!
Being water-based dragons, Seashockers do not breathe fire. Instead, their bites paralyze victims with an electrical charge that stuns even the biggest prey into submission. Perhaps this is the reason why all dragons fear the Seashocker's closest evolutionary relative - the electric eel!
Seashockers are wonderful ice-breakers, but not in the conversational sense -- their dorsal fins, comprised of super-dense cartilage, can cut through even the most frigid floes, allowing Seashockers to carve a path to any ice-bound prey."

For more information on the Seashocker, visit here.


  • It is currently the only properly-sized, non-playable dragon in the game;
  • The Seashocker was the fourth non-playable dragon until Grim Gnasherbecame avaliable.

Appearances in the Wrath of Stormheart ExpansionEdit

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